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Varun Rustomji
Varun Rustomji stacked Coinbase
Computer Science Student, Quarantine Inspired Blogger, Cu...
Does the job without much friction
Abhishek Chaudhary
Abhishek Chaudhary stacked Coinbase
a pseudo-introvert, a web developer, and a maker CEO @ T...
it's good
Sten Tamkivi
Sten Tamkivi stacked Coinbase
The gold standard of simple crypto onboarding and vault storage.
InternetJohnny stacked Coinbase
Maker, web dev and futurist
Ethereum is the future of finance. Coinbase is your gateway into it
SketchSquadTV stacked Coinbase
Pledging for sick Children w Every ...
Bob Bass
Bob Bass stacked Coinbase
Owner of Narro, LLC. NodeJS, VueJS, JS/TS, MySQL Develope...
My most trusted exchange
Manish Mehta
Manish Mehta stacked Coinbase
(blogger, YouTuber, & Social Media Influencer) A mechanic...
i love it
Alejandro AR
Alejandro AR stacked Coinbase
Web Dev. Color writer. Fire Starter. Rational Pessimist.
It makes Bitcoin trading so easy, and Coinbase Pro has the best exchange rates I've seen. The interface is easy to use, the verification is flawless. The only thing missing is a dark theme, but I can live without it.
Taylor Dimler
Taylor Dimler stacked Coinbase
San Diego Attorney looking for the best products out there!
I have invested with coinbase. However, I wish the application was a little more user friendly and provided more information on each type of crypto investment.
Aaron Bailey
Aaron Bailey stacked Coinbase
Supporting Founders @500Startups
While I believe the "not your keys not your coins" movement, I def believe I will fail to properly store my keys correctly before CB has a Mt. Gox moment. Risk isn't worth it to own my own keys. CB is still the easiest way for me to buy and hold any crypto.
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