Visual Studio Code
Microsoft Visual Studio Code lets you build and debug modern web and cloud applications
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1.5K people use Visual Studio Code. Do you?

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lena stacked Visual Studio Code
I love productivity, health, mindfullness, and tech
Amazingly clean and simple user interface, while still a very powerful IDE.
Grant Bennett
Grant Bennett stacked Visual Studio Code
Ex-Finance Professional turned Web Developer. Opinionated...
Does everything you need, quickly
Josh Kraus
Josh Kraus stacked Visual Studio Code
Co-founder and Creative Director at Digitaly Agency. MCFC...
Just find it an easy to use IDE
Patrick Mast
Patrick Mast stacked Visual Studio Code
CEO of WinFakt! & Software Developer | http:/...
Great coding editing
gaurav porwal
gaurav porwal stacked Visual Studio Code
FullStack Developer At Geekyants. Love Building Apps usin...
Love the feature and developer experience it provides
Thorsten Hans
Thorsten Hans stacked Visual Studio Code
Consultant - Focusing on 🐋☁️ Kubernetes, IaC, Microsoft Az...
Simple and customizable
Having replaced Mono IDE w/ VSCode while developing for Unity, my workflow has never been smoother.
Jan Magnusson
Jan Magnusson stacked Visual Studio Code
True Nerd. Works with DevOps
My favorite text editor
Anthony Young
Anthony Young stacked Visual Studio Code
Entrepreneur, Creative Developer, Husband, Dad, Friend, I...
It works so well.
Matthew C. Heneghan
Matthew C. Heneghan stacked Visual Studio Code
What can I say? Ecletic, Star Wars fan, Tech Geek extraor...
Can be customized ad nauseum in a good way, free too!
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