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Ceyhun Çakanel
Ceyhun Çakanel stacked Cocoon
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Nicolo S
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I use Cocoon to interact with my family. It is an awesome way to feel connected no matter where anyone is in the world! Would highly recommend you get your families on this if they can be convinced.
Greg Docter
Greg Docter stacked Cocoon
working at the intersection of early-stage venture capita...
It took 4+ months to convince my brothers, but finally got them over to Cocoon from Groupme 😐Cocoon created a meaningfully better group chat experience. Love their flight tracker, threaded chat, and the design. It's just a pleasant digital place-to-be.
Jake Hung TranChris MessinaLucas H.
Suff stacked Cocoon
Head of Product, Design Leader, Creator
Because it's nice to have a social network dedicated to just the fam.
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