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A period tracker for women
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Becky Chambers
Becky Chambers stacked Clue
Digital Designer and Sustainability Advocate. Leeds, UK
So useful to help track of my hormonal health - and to know what days you might just be in a crappy mood through no fault of your own!
Jo Pattabiraman
Jo Pattabiraman stacked Clue
Founder of Grow Fit
It’s reliable !
kaleigh stacked Clue
👩🏼‍💻 front-end web developer🐞
Great design, tracking, and options. Also explains things and provides information.
Shavin Peiries
Maria Halse
Maria Halse stacked Clue
Sustainable Innovation #Hackathons #SmartCities & Startup...
Easy tracking and reminds me why I’m feeling grumpy (or justifies me to lash out 😈)
Shavin PeiriesAbadesiSilviu St
Laura Almazan
Laura Almazan stacked Clue
Lover of samples
Love it for its design and tracking options
Tinka_Nichols stacked Clue
"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you se...
It’s hilarious
Monika Ben
Monika Ben stacked Clue
Smooth writer. Decaf drinker. Nap Taker.
Gender neutral design and calming in a way.
Tara Rachel Thomas
Tara Rachel Thomas stacked Clue
UX Writer @chargebee | 🎥 Producer | Work 👉
Period tracking for absent- minded professionals
Kerri Burns
Kerri Burns stacked Clue
34 yr old, Female
Right now it's clue because it's my nieces favorite and she has me playing it whenever we can.
Lauren Dimet Waters
Lauren Dimet Waters stacked Clue
#NYC 40+ influencer, #antiaging beauty, style, wellness &...
It always surprises me and I'm goo0d at it.
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