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eve weinberg
eve weinberg stacked ClassPass
Ux lead. Animation. Human centered design. Jokes
Toddler bombing
Justin stacked ClassPass
Im gay
Idk theres nothing more that i use
Antoine Benichou
Antoine Benichou stacked ClassPass
Growth, entrepreneur, product management.
Easy to use.
Brooke Barnett
Brooke Barnett stacked ClassPass
✨ strategist
especially great for travel and discovering boutique fitness classes
Alison Hennessy
Alison Hennessy stacked ClassPass
Early Stage VC @TechNexus, Irish gal in the US, @notredam...
Love the flexibility of being able to chose which class I want to attend
Alaynah Tombridge
Alaynah Tombridge stacked ClassPass
Triflers need not apply.
In NYC, so many options so I can always work out in the way that I'm into at that time.
Jordan Leites
Jordan Leites stacked ClassPass
May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears
Convenient for working-out
Vince Nguyen
Vince Nguyen stacked ClassPass
@google, @unlockfm podcast host, tech enthusiast, stoicis...
Fun, social, diverse workout classes with flexible subscription (but to be honest I use ClassPass mainly to go to classes with my fiance :P)
Georgina Hoy
Georgina Hoy stacked ClassPass
IP & Technology Lawyer
I love trying out new fitness classes and the best news is ClassPass follows you around the world.
Lindsay Carbonell
Lindsay Carbonell stacked ClassPass
Success Engineer for @metricsfornews. Technologist workin...
keeps my workouts feeling fresh and flexible! I get bored easily.
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