Clash Royale
Epic Real-Time Card Battles!
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Michael GingrasAadit ShethOliver Brooke
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Michael Gingras
Michael Gingras stacked Clash Royale
living slowly, working on neat things.
this is the best and only game I will ever play.
Michael Gingras
Oliver Brooke
Oliver Brooke stacked Clash Royale
Amateur husband, father, friend, entrepreneur, software d...
Only waste short amounts of time :)
Baga Warmansyah
Baga Warmansyah stacked Clash Royale
Hi, I'm a Product Designer from Indonesia, who interest i...
I like a strategy game, and the important things in this game are you just give your 3 minutes in 1 game cycle. ;)
Jesse Bouman
Jesse Bouman stacked Clash Royale
American expat in Jakarta.
Quick to play.
Ali Goksel Bektas
Ali Goksel Bektas stacked Clash Royale
Just a test.
Because it is a strategy game and i like it.
Andrew Vasylyk
Andrew Vasylyk stacked Clash Royale
Founder of StartupSoft. Host of Startup Exits Podcast.
Quick and addicting
Suyash Gunjal
Suyash Gunjal stacked Clash Royale
MBBS. 23. Innate love for technology. Acquired love for m...
1. No time investment needed. 2. Quick to play and finish a game. 3. Thats pretty much it.
Rishikanth Somayaji
Rishikanth Somayaji stacked Clash Royale
On the other hand, you have different fingers.
good strategy game and compelling core loop
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