Chess Free
A two-player strategy board game
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Harys :)BooExe
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Chris Gregori
Chris GregoriĀ stackedĀ Chess Free
Senior Developer by trade & hobbyist indie creator workin...
Intense mind-games
Marian Pohl
Marian PohlĀ stackedĀ Chess Free
Co-Founder and CTO of a digital marketing agency in Regen...
Rohan Hugar
Rohan HugarĀ stackedĀ Chess Free
I am a student of mechanical engineering who is passionat...
Fun and helps to build strategy.
PolarvortexĀ stackedĀ Chess Free
Nfts, digital assets, innovation
Bobby fisher
ā˜† Serendipitist ā˜†
ā˜† Serendipitist ā˜†Ā stackedĀ Chess Free
420 investor
Hashem E. Zahran
Hashem E. ZahranĀ stackedĀ Chess Free
Startup Evangelist, Operations Enthusiast, Bootstrap Mast...
Strategic thinking
shamiya khan pattan
shamiya khan pattanĀ stackedĀ Chess Free
I teach people to create their own digital products from ...
it is a mind game
Mulenga Agley
Mulenga AgleyĀ stackedĀ Chess Free
Founder @
It's a lot like life...
Martin Bavio
Martin BavioĀ stackedĀ Chess Free
I'm a Senior UI Engineer in a constant search for great p...
Because a game is never the same as the previous.
BariHardĀ stackedĀ Chess Free
UX Engineer (UXE). I help facilitate collaboration betwee...
I love being analytical and thinking of all the possible moves.
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