A two-player strategy board game
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Mulenga Agley
Mulenga Agley stacked Chess
Founder @
It's a lot like life...
Martin Bavio
Martin Bavio stacked Chess
I'm a Senior UI Engineer in a constant search for great p...
Because a game is never the same as the previous.
BariHard stacked Chess
UX Engineer (UXE). I help facilitate collaboration betwee...
I love being analytical and thinking of all the possible moves.
Harold Kip
Harold Kip stacked Chess
If you can't do it as you should, then you should do it a...
Strategic thinking.
Rotimi stacked Chess
I am a software engineer, specializing in writing algorit...
Makes me think. I love thinking!
Keegan J. Sard
Keegan J. Sard stacked Chess
Investments | Consulting | Real Estate | Startups Alum @...
I love strategy of it.
kayjeiem stacked Chess
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well, its chess....forces you to think.
judycabacang stacked Chess
Simple Techie Guy
It helps me to boost my cognitive skills
Chandresh Vaghanani
Chandresh Vaghanani stacked Chess
I'm a data-driven marketer who is passionate about the in...
Chess involves strategic thinking and planning at least 2 steps ahead which gives you an opportunity to brainstorm the probabilities.
Ranjeet stacked Chess
Entrepreneur running a 100+ member company. Seed investor...
Best Strategy Game ever created
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