The perfect cup of coffee every time you have it.
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Vik Duggal
Vik Duggal stacked Chemex
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I can adjust water temp, grind, etc. and really customize the coffee for me. Makes the most consistent coffee I've had. Use with their filter paper.
Alex Wingert
Alex Wingert stacked Chemex
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Never a spec of grinds in your coffee. So clean.
TheLAeats stacked Chemex
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The key to working well from home is making your own great coffee or tea.
Katie King
Katie King stacked Chemex
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I would die without coffee...this is the perfect blend of easy and hipster.
Ritwik Manan
Ritwik Manan stacked Chemex
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I've been wanting to become a coffee snob and now I have with my own Chemex :P Its great tasting coffee + the whole process is a little like meditation + it looks great!
Patrick stacked Chemex
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Easy, stylish and delicious coffee.
Parker Henderson
Brent Jensen
Brent Jensen stacked Chemex
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Cleanest cup of coffee you will ever make 😍
Troy Petrunoff
Troy Petrunoff stacked Chemex
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Due to quarantine, I've decided to take coffee more seriously. A chemex pour-over plus a Trade Coffee subscription has made making and drinking coffee fun and more ~sacred~.
Scott Weiss
Scott Weiss stacked Chemex
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Great way to make coffee. Highly recommend pairing with a scale and a kettle to fine-tune your coffee.
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Jake Walker
Jake Walker stacked Chemex
Best way to make coffee in the morning. A 6 cup is perfect for two or three.
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