Settlers of Catan
The popular, award winning civilization building board game
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Maurizio Wagenhaus
Maurizio Wagenhaus stacked Settlers of Catan
Josh Hall
Josh Hall stacked Settlers of Catan
Writer and researcher.
My gateway into boardgames...
M. stacked Settlers of Catan
Coding Padawan. Loves wine and cats.
Always trying to win the longest road.
Nikki Papp
Nikki Papp stacked Settlers of Catan
🇸🇰 /🇭🇺 Euro Blend•🎧💜•User Researcher for Support @shopify •...
Teaches you real life skills of being an adult.
Larla stacked Settlers of Catan
Expert silver-lining-finder traversing the startup world ...
No two games are the same. Catan is the best board game because of the vast options for strategizing your win. Personally, I'm a savage trader and I always build on the sheep port to get a leg-up on the competition. Going to try the Cities and Knights expansion pack soon.
Best board game ever!!
EP stacked Settlers of Catan
just happy to be here
don't want your sheep
Jiří Vicherek
Aleksander Palamarczuk
Aleksander Palamarczuk stacked Settlers of Catan
🚷 Using tech to solve sales and CS since API economy.
Classic. You can't understand the fun with my words. Just buy and play to see for yourself.
Meg Scheding
Meg Scheding stacked Settlers of Catan
Product strategist and marketer for startups // LA-based
My family plays against each other in 3 different time zones.
Geet Duggal
Geet Duggal stacked Settlers of Catan
I’m a software engineer, computational biologist, and tec...
Fun to play with family and friends in person or digitally.
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