Casper Glow
A magical light for better sleep
#sleep, #lighting, #bedroom 
Karel VuongMike WeissJeremy Browning
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Mike Weiss
Mike Weiss stacked Casper Glow
Lover of technology, soccer and the outdoors
The light and timer is 👌
Jeremy Browning
Jeremy Browning stacked Casper Glow
Made in Detroit. Growing in NYC. PM @Twitter.
Solid light fixture which gives your space warm tones out-of-the-box.
Joel stacked Casper Glow
I'm a software engineer building something new... Nice s...
The the perfect nightlight for a nursery.
benjamin evans
benjamin evans stacked Casper Glow
Design leader @airbnb
Beautiful Product design. Solves multiple needs all within an unobtrusive form factor
Parker Henderson
Chris Messina
Chris Messina stacked Casper Glow
Inventor of the hashtag. #1 Product Hunter 🏆. Ever-curiou...
By using simple gestures (flipping upside down, rotating while on a surface) you can turn on and dim these lights. If you have a pair, when you manipulate one, it'll talk to the other and keep the settings in sync. So clever!
Parker HendersonAleksandra SmelianskaJulie
Abe stacked Casper Glow
Health, tech and community tings... I'm learning. Ops @co...
For waking up and reading myself to sleep. NOT a substitute for an alarm.
Ended up loving mine much more than expected. Beautiful design, too!
The Casper Glow works really well with its companion app. Looks good and doesn't take up much room.
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