HÅG Capisco
A saddle seat with low and high working positions
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Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)Calcutta PuriNoah
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Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins) stacked HÅG Capisco
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Found this chair on YourStack 5 months ago and now have one of my own! It looks great, fits into a smaller office and accommodates so many seating positions. I love it. Thanks again YS community for another great recommendation.
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Noah stacked HÅG Capisco
Digital Product Designer based in SF
Extremely versatile, comfortable - keeps me from being lazy?
Tiffany Williams
Tiffany Williams stacked HÅG Capisco
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I specifically have the HAG Capisco Puls (with a fully upholstered seat). Complements my sit/stand desk very well. Comfy; great for small spaces; adjustable; multiple sitting positions; beautiful color ("fathom").
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)PASCAL TIEMANNMatan Kushner
Olu stacked HÅG Capisco
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Beautiful, functional, helping my back.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Shripriya Mahesh
Shripriya Mahesh stacked HÅG Capisco
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Ergonomic chair that works with stand-up desks. Allows you to sit many ways and in the "standard" front-facing position, makes sure your thighs slope down (key to ergonomics). You can keep the desk at standup height and still sit on the chair if you wish.
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