Can't Hurt Me
Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins
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David stacked Can't Hurt Me
I'm a tech and design enthusiast/ UX Designer🧙🏿‍♂️. My areas ...
A deep dive into the pain and beauty of perseverance. This book is a dramatic and emotional manual for self-accountability.
Youssef Salah.
Youssef Salah. stacked Can't Hurt Me
Entrepreneur 💼 |Real Estate 🏡 | CEO at Aone Homes.
it shifted my mindset; pain only exist in your mind. A must read!
David stacked Can't Hurt Me
Software developer with entrepreneurial tendencies.
This book motivated me to get after it. I feel like it unlocked a part of my brain that won’t settle for less.
Sean McCabe
Sean McCabe stacked Can't Hurt Me
Recovering workaholic documenting a sabbatical year of no...
Life-changing book. The 40% rule. Will completely change your perspective on what’s possible.
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👋 CTO & Co-founder at @heyEnjoyHQ |💻 #clojure and ops |🎛 ...
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