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Adam Bader
Adam Bader stacked Calm
👨🏻‍💻Product Manager (ex: @realmadrid, @beinsportsusa & other...
My go to app for meditation.
Ted Avery
Ted Avery stacked Calm
Exploring the world and making things on the internet. Co...
Great intro to meditation, each ending with a small lesson. The focus and sleep music is also a great bonus. But it never goes very far philosophically. If you want to go deeper and alter your everyday experience, try the Waking Up app.
₿rad Wears A Mask - #Masks4All   - ₿/
Hansa Vagadiya
Hansa Vagadiya stacked Calm
Product Manager. @LSEecon alum. Views are my own, retweet...
Calm has been a brilliant product to enable a continuous daily meditation practice over the last few years. Its quality content means it beats it's competitors and offers an array of meditation topics; sleep stories and sound escapes.
Andrea Sesta
Andrea Sesta stacked Calm
very curious about things in life
calm your mind
Darren Travel
Darren Travel stacked Calm
Twitter @darrentravel @addictedtoapps
Keeps the monkey sitting down and peaceful
Michael Silberling
Michael Silberling stacked Calm
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Still learning how to get in to this, but I love LeBron's mental fitness content.
Gleb Braverman
Gleb Braverman stacked Calm
AR fan, entrepreneur, angel investor, still a kid tho 👻
Great guided meditations, plenty of content, works offline - what else do you need?
Lizelle van Vuuren
Lizelle van Vuuren stacked Calm
Founder/ CEO of @WomenWhoStartup. Serial entrepreneur in ...
After years of dabbling with meditation I’m finally on a positive daily streak with morning meditation. I love the Daily Calm 10 minute meditations and the fact that the app is now expanding to daily movement and exercises.
woody stacked Calm
I'm an early career Pm interested in tech and new product...
Márcio Dias
Márcio Dias stacked Calm
My meditation app
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