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The #1 app for sleep, relaxation and meditation.
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ruchi stacked Calm
Building communities at Bevy. Nittany lion for life!
Got Calm through work and I love the ambient sleep sounds. Also love that sleep tracks now don’t mess with my Spotify algorithm😍
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Catherine stacked Calm
business nerd 🤓😎
keeps me present :)
Alex Broadstock
Alex Broadstock stacked Calm
DP, Director, and Photographer from NYC 🍎
Always a perfect solution to escape from the noise. I really love their soundscapes for working
Chandler Gonzales
Chandler Gonzales stacked Calm
Full stack software engineer, entrepreneur, occasional Tw...
Mostly for sleep, occasionally for meditation
jakep36 stacked Calm
CTO for Redsson, and co-founder of @uncubed. Ruby and Rai...
I use it for daily calm mediations, but also kids sleep stories in the evenings and every once in a while a walking meditation on my apple watch.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith stacked Calm
Community Manager @ FLF Product Design | Content Creator
The best guided meditation app I've found so far
diniska stacked Calm
iOS developer, working in Sydney. I like creating mobil...
I use this app for more than 3 years. Really like how it designed and how helpful it is especially in reducing stress.
Andrew Fields
Andrew Fields stacked Calm
Product manager with lots of side hustles
tons of options
Kaushik Subramanian
Kaushik Subramanian stacked Calm
Product @Facebook. @McKinsey, @INSEAD, @MICA_Ahmedabad Al...
Great UX + Variety
Adam Bader
Adam Bader stacked Calm
👨🏻‍💻Product Manager (ex: @realmadrid, @beinsportsusa & other...
My go to app for meditation.
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