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Coleman Foley
Coleman Foley stacked Cactus
Software engineer, interested in product stuff
Responding to my daily Cactus prompt has become a highlight of my morning routine. And I believe it has helped me to become a little more reflective in general. I love how it takes a habit many people aspire to (journaling), and makes it a fun 5-minute routine.
Shavin Peiries
Shavin Peiries stacked Cactus
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Not someone who's mindful to think about things I should be grateful for. This app helps just with that, it's another form of meditation through writing. I found the daily prompts that come to your email very useful, always gets me to stop and think about the question deeply.
Coleman FoleyJacq
ryan brown
ryan brown stacked Cactus
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A great way to start my day. Every day.
Scott Rocher
Scott Rocher
Scott Rocher stacked Cactus
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Helps me keep up a journaling habit for months. Makes me feel like I’m taking a moment every day for myself.
Coleman FoleyAbadesi
Giuseppe Schiavone
Giuseppe Schiavone stacked Cactus
Marco stretto Masini
looks a fine way to integrate mindfulness in my days without having to commit long leases of time to that
Coleman FoleyScott Rocher
Helena stacked Cactus
Correct me if I’m wrong, but...
Brief daily prompts with adorable animations that gets me reflecting 🥰
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