A fast, private and secure web browser without ads
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Jordi Mon Companys Mora Casamitjana
Jordi Mon Companys Mora Casamitjana stacked Brave
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Same user experience that Chrome (after all is based on Chromium), use of extensions and acceptable iOS app, which I missed with a feeling that it cares more about my privacy something Chrome does not enforce on itself.
Elias stacked Brave
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Brave is my go-to browser. Clean design, the Adblocker just works. And the possibility to earn some funds watching adds its amazing. This browser change the way we interact with ads
Troy Gill
Troy Gill stacked Brave
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Love that I can set up blocking
Privacy. Resource efficiency.
Divyansh stacked Brave
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Switching to brave was easy. Like the noise-free (ad-free) browsing.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Denis Tuzhik
Denis Tuzhik stacked Brave
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After several years of exodus from Chrome, I tried to install brave and I love it!
Marvin Collins Hosea
Marvin Collins Hosea stacked Brave
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Stylish, secure browser for web application UI test
John Waldeisen
John Waldeisen stacked Brave
Hands down, the BEST browser available and an amazing experience. Designed for security AND PRIVACY. Removes ads from websites, including in Google search, works seamlessly with all Chrome extensions, and allows optional ad viewing revenue to be shared with content creators.
James Docherty
James Docherty stacked Brave
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Google Chrome without the crap.
alex stacked Brave
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Fast & secure browsing
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