A fast, private and secure web browser without ads
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People that stacked Brave

maxart stacked Brave
Design lead at Twitch/AWS. Previously Facebook, Airbnb, E...
My go-to browser. Fast, reliable, privacy-conscious.
Marko Saric
Marko Saric stacked Brave
On a mission to help you share what you love and get disc...
Another great browser for those who want a more private and less distracting web!
Fras Smith
Fras Smith stacked Brave
Amateur Photographer & Dev in Shanghai, China From: S...
It's Chrome, but it's not Google Chrome. :-)
Emiliano G. Arnáez
Emiliano G. Arnáez stacked Brave
Journalist / Periodista.
Speed. BAT. Security. Privacy.
Joe Hootman
Joe Hootman stacked Brave
Love to make computers think about data, write code, craf...
The ONLY browser that regards you as a human, not a product.
Joel stacked Brave
I'm a software engineer building something new... Nice s...
A "user-first" web browser built on chrome. No ads, private and wicked fast.
Jun Gong
Jun Gong stacked Brave
Noodle aficionado 🍜 A tech nerd growing a blockchain comp...
Compared to Google Chrome, Brave works ⚡️on iOS. And not to mention, it respects your privacy - so it’s been my default browser for a very long time! Brave supports IPFS too.
Danny Ohana
Danny Ohana stacked Brave
A software engineer by trade and a designer by passion. C...
My go-to browser for development. Chrome extensions also make this infinitely featureful.
Sad Banger
Sad Banger stacked Brave
Meme maker.
Privacy-focused browser, indistinguishable from Chrome.
Andreas Adam
Andreas Adam stacked Brave
Creative Coder, Lead Frontend Developer, Tech/Team Lead, ...
private browsing with a powerful engine
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