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Noise Cancelling Smart Headphones
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Peter Vidovic
Peter Vidovic stacked Bose Quietcomfort
Hi, I am glad to be here!
Because it helps me while in an airplane to listen and not to be annoyed with engine sound.
Pirijan stacked Bose Quietcomfort
Creator of, spatial thinking to help with yo...
I've had this thing for years, it's comfortable for hours
Bruno Fiss
Bruno Fiss stacked Bose Quietcomfort
I am looking for productivity
Best noise cancelling, perfect for planes, great everywhere
Pranav Pai Vernekar
Pranav Pai Vernekar stacked Bose Quietcomfort
Co-Founder and CEO at @boltiot
Great while working on a focused task.
Ernest Oppetit
Ernest Oppetit stacked Bose Quietcomfort
Product Manager at @Improbableio. Veni, Vidi, Tweeti.
Reliable, comfortable, good sound quality + mic, wireless
Antoine Benichou
Antoine Benichou stacked Bose Quietcomfort
Growth, entrepreneur, product management.
Noise cancellation is simply the best way to be focused
Ophelia stacked Bose Quietcomfort
Investing in early-stage startups at LocalGlobe. Excited ...
The noise cancelling <3
Juan Cifrian
Juan Cifrian stacked Bose Quietcomfort
Language coach for Brazilians 👨🏻‍💻🇧🇷 Biz coach for online tea...
These are my go-to for travel and music, but they just got retired from online calls thanks to my new AirPods Pro. Worth noting that after two years, there's some significant wear and tear on the padding, but the noise-canceling is amazing.
Maximilien Moreau (Max)azerbluu𝗥𝕦𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕟
Neil Daftary
Neil Daftary stacked Bose Quietcomfort
Brainy creative & senior software engineer @ Codecademy
Top-notch noise canceling is essential for listening at low volume. Saves your ears and helps tinnitus sufferers like myself.
Andrew Truex
Andrew Truex stacked Bose Quietcomfort
Ain't no such thing as halfway crooks
The best noise-canceling headphones by a longshot. I've owned mine for 8 years and they still sound perfect!
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