Bose QC 25
Noise cancelling wireless headphones
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Knight Photography
Knight Photography stacked Bose QC 25
Love a good app and always on the look out for anything t...
Good sound and I have been using them for so long now and still great.
David Iwanow #WearAMask
David Iwanow #WearAMask stacked Bose QC 25
This is me.... the real me...
Comfortable and sexy
albert b chu
albert b chu stacked Bose QC 25
early adopter, angel investor, startup advisor, mentor & ...
Great noise cancellation and comfortable — but most importantly, LONG BATTERY LIFE!
Justin Chen
Justin Chen stacked Bose QC 25
Great noise cancelling.
فارس المطيري Faris Almutairi
Joseph stacked Bose QC 25
Product guy
Cheaper than other ANC headphones, replaceable battery, good ANC.
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma stacked Bose QC 25
Building. ex-VP, Product @ Pratilipi, Vokal | L'Oreal | I...
Just great NC and very comfortable
Aaron Rutley
Aaron Rutley stacked Bose QC 25
Product Manager, Snowboarder & Traveler.
Patrick stacked Bose QC 25
Designer of brands and interfaces 🕶️☕️☀️
Fits good and the notice cancellation is so nice when working in a crowded place. Also great to use in airplanes.
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