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Boom makes sure you experience audio that is tailored for your Mac
Bevan KayTrent CalavanCarlos  [.ve]
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Melad Javadi
Melad Javadi stacked Boom
Freelance Front-end Web Developer and Supergeek
Enhances the sound of my tiny MacBook Pro speakers
Michael The Geek 
Michael The Geek  stacked Boom
I'm a Technology enthusiast. I have a great deal of respe...
Great developer,
Vusani Mlilo
Vusani Mlilo stacked Boom
I am African
Best software for turning flat music to rich listening experience.
प्रणीत | ಪ್ರಣೀತ್ | Praneeth
प्रणीत | ಪ್ರಣೀತ್ | Praneeth stacked Boom
Proud Indian🇮🇳 | PRS™🇮🇳
Nathaniel Blackburn
Nathaniel Blackburn stacked Boom
Bridging the gap between what you can see and what you ca...
Perhaps the best software for enhancing the audio experience on your phone or desktop.
James YoungVusani MliloAaron
best sound experience
Yni stacked Boom
Entrepreneur eCom & affiliate
Great for amplifying our laptop speaker
Michael Novotny
Michael Novotny stacked Boom
Director of Software Engineering at Hy-Vee. Into open sou...
Best audio enhancement and equalizer for Mac.
Jason Crawford
Jason Crawford stacked Boom
I write about the history of technology & industry at roo...
Makes the sound louder
I Love Fortunes, LLC
I Love Fortunes, LLC stacked Boom
I Love Fortunes, LLC is a resource devoted to teaching fo...
Boom just works. It enhances all sounds on your Mac. Really great for music, obviously, but also for the spoken word, too. Love how you can have separate settings for each app.
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