Blue Bottle Coffee
A specialty coffee roaster with cafes in LA, SF, NYC & Japan
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Simply iconic
Adam Bader
Adam Bader stacked Blue Bottle Coffee
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Blue Bottle is the Apple of coffee. Enough said :D
My first coffee shop love affair. They brew coffee like you might brew tea. It's amazing for the beginner and they also have some fun items for the coffee fanatic. Plus... those waffles.
Tony Conrad
Tony Conrad stacked Blue Bottle Coffee
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James & Bryan - the way they source the product; supporting farmers in developing regions of the world to grow the purest, highest quality organic beans that promote sustainability; how they serve the product (what cup, glass, temperature, espresso drinks only on premise….).
James HigaAleksandra SmelianskaAnna Grigoryan
Bryan and James!
Eric R West
Vitaly Baum
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Hot chocolate!
Jiran stacked Blue Bottle Coffee
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Beauty in Simple Elegance. This brand represents what it feels like to make coffee on a quiet morning. A ritual of sorts.
Mikah Sargent
Mikah Sargent stacked Blue Bottle Coffee
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Freshly roasted!
Paul Tomkinson
Paul Tomkinson stacked Blue Bottle Coffee
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The best in everything but price. Abbot Kinney every morning. See you there.
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