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Max Damm
Max Damm stacked Blinkist
Hey, I‘m Max
You can learn soo much in so little time and with the highlight feature save the most important things for later to review it or remind you about it
osbyrne stacked Blinkist
informative, simple
Andrew Mason
Andrew Mason stacked Blinkist
I'm a software developer, podcaster, writer, and surfer. ...
Small summaries of books with highlighting features.
Elavenil stacked Blinkist
Remote Entrepreneur | Digital Marketer | Writer | Trekker...
Great app to listen the core points of a book. Simple and useful.
Jimmy Briggs
Jimmy Briggs stacked Blinkist
Consultant, Developer, Actuary, Information Specialist, K...
Great way to quickly gain insights on books - use as an alternative to podcasts or youtube when listening to stuff
Lauren Eliza
Lauren Eliza stacked Blinkist
Writer, video editor, I like to think I'm good at curatin...
I love to listen to condensed summaries of books, before I decide to buy them.
Beth Thayne
Beth Thayne stacked Blinkist
Foodie. Fitness. Start up fanatic. Product builder. Form...
Brilliant books trimmed down to 15 minutes? Hello productive learning!
Joffrey Ezerzer
Joffrey Ezerzer stacked Blinkist
Obsessive learner, relentless traveller. Tech is my vice.
The best way to know if I want to invest time in a book
Anders Sporring
Anders Sporring stacked Blinkist
Reaneassans man, Jack of all trades, Philosopher, Compose...
Love this service, the short versions of nonfictional books, the Evernote connection.
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