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Beth Thayne
Beth Thayne stacked Blinkist
Foodie. Fitness. Start up fanatic. Product builder. Form...
Brilliant books trimmed down to 15 minutes? Hello productive learning!
Joffrey Ezerzer
Joffrey Ezerzer stacked Blinkist
Obsessive learner, relentless traveller. Tech is my vice.
The best way to know if I want to invest time in a book
Anders Sporring
Anders Sporring stacked Blinkist
Reaneassans man, Jack of all trades, Philosopher, Compose...
Love this service, the short versions of nonfictional books, the Evernote connection.
Maiko Schaffrath
Maiko Schaffrath stacked Blinkist
💼 Head of Programme @founders_acad | 🔊 Host of @impacthus...
Great to get a quick summary of a book before committing to reading it fully.
Olu stacked Blinkist
| they/them | 💖, plantain, plans ...
It's really useful for deciding what books to spend more time on.
Anthony YoungStefan Natter
Justin Campbell-Platt
Justin Campbell-Platt stacked Blinkist
Confessions of a Mood Manipulator and Rational Optimist
For book lovers, fear not, this won't detract from your reading experience or amount of books you read - this has simply become my new vehicle for discovering new books before picking up a physical copy!
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson stacked Blinkist
Despite the fact I love reading (and also have a weird propensity to think I haven't read a book unless I finish it front to back), modern non-fiction can get pretty monotonous in the repetitive way it tends to be written. So I like being able to just get the keys easily.
Calum Webb
Francisco Miguel Loureiro
Francisco Miguel Loureiro stacked Blinkist
Working in Finance, with interests in investments, tech, ...
Time-effective way to connect to non-fiction books, gather key insights and identify future reads.
TY stacked Blinkist
Fresh Grad with an interest in tech, analytics, startups,...
Blinkist gives you 15 minutes summary about many books. For free, you can get a daily summary. When subscribed, you have unlimited access to summaries. It gave me a good way to learn much in a timely manner. Meanwhile if the summary was really good, I would get the book!
An incredible way to consume books quickly
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