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Beats by Dre
Introducing the new, totally wireless #PowerbeatsPro
Steven GoldbergShae SolomonBlake McCreary
60 people use Beats by Dre. Do you?

People that stacked Beats by Dre

Blake McCreary
Blake McCreary stacked Beats by Dre
Product UX Designer // Obsessed with Travel & Beautifying...
Premium sound and fit. Also stylish.
Desi Kadyova
Desi Kadyova stacked Beats by Dre
Marketeer and part time traveler. Curious about anything ...
Noice cancelling and wireless
Yuliia Semenova
Yuliia Semenova stacked Beats by Dre
Project & Event Manager, Web Designer, SMM, Copywriter, W...
Cool bass and design
Antoine Benichou
Antoine Benichou stacked Beats by Dre
Growth Marketing & Strategy guy enrolled in a master's de...
Gift from Apple.
MCD ® stacked Beats by Dre
I collect Blu-rays, Gadgets, Tech, Home Cinema and Apple ...
If you have a modern iPhone and want a pair of the best Beats headphones made specifically for Apple's latest range, you really should take a look at the Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones. A single charge can last for up to 40 hours.
Sam Spencer
Sam Spencer stacked Beats by Dre
Christian. Making ephemeral sketches on ephemeral screens.
Holds a charge for days and charges super fast. Solid sound quality. Comfortable enough to wear for hours.
comfy and fresh look
Dmitry Merkushin
Dmitry Merkushin stacked Beats by Dre
Bass, quality
Santosh stacked Beats by Dre
sound quality
はがっち@学生エンジニアブロガー stacked Beats by Dre
Web系企業3社長期インターン中 / 東京の私大2年生.マーケティングとプログラミングが大好き.Vue.js / ...
This product is not dropping your ear when you do anything!!
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