Rapid, effective and fun wireframing software.
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Budding UI/UX Designer trying to find a way through the m...
Easy to use and i like its aesthetics
Udayan Naik
Udayan Naik stacked Balsamiq
Product Guy
Just coarse enough to focus stakeholders on product ideation and not design
Joshua Schaer
Joshua Schaer stacked Balsamiq
Psychologist, interested in humans and computers. Special...
So many times I come back to this oldschool wireframing Mockup tool, just because its so simple and helps to put focus on the concept and not the design.
Kathleen Hamilton
Kathleen Hamilton stacked Balsamiq
I manage remote teams who build things. Community is what...
Easy drag and drop for building wireframes, I like that it's a local app and has a simple interface
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra stacked Balsamiq
Startup Guy| Tech Enthusiast| ExFounder of TechZappenin| ...
For Wireframing and Mockups
dVoka stacked Balsamiq
I drink coffee, ride motorcycles, write code, and consume...
Easy to use.
Matthew Phillips
Matthew Phillips stacked Balsamiq We’re a company in Menlo Park, Californi...
Easy. No goofiness in the browser.
Brijesh stacked Balsamiq
Always curious, always learning.
cool graphics
James Young
James Young stacked Balsamiq
Director of #UX at @SSCTechnologies: Design leader helpin...
With a coded source of truth design system in Storybook, we can go from simple Balsamiq wireframes to development for many things. Balsamiq is still a fav for this and Jira integrated version is handy.
Robb Beal
jawn stacked Balsamiq
a robot living amongst humans. mostly thoughts from the m...
Almost as easy as drawing by hand
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