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Reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services
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Prasanna Vaidya
Prasanna Vaidya stacked Amazon Web Services
Co founder @gydeai
Strong cloud!
Shamir Allibhai
Shamir Allibhai stacked Amazon Web Services
Builder of video AI products: Ambe...
Limitless potential. Serverless was a game changer.
David Velez
Joel stacked Amazon Web Services
I'm a software engineer building something new... Nice s...
The sheer range of products and services that AWS offers is what makes it so great.
David Velez
aphel stacked Amazon Web Services
I write stuff I find cool.
Easy to use, quick to deploy, has most services I want
Michael McCord
Michael McCord stacked Amazon Web Services
I'm passionate about technology, finance, and investing p...
Extensive documentation for noobs like me.
Yusuf stacked Amazon Web Services
Building, a modern personal webpag...
• I happened to use AWS while learning how to code, decided to just stick with it. • Pay-as-you-go pricing makes it affordable to start. • No scalability issues.
Katrina Engelsted
Katrina Engelsted stacked Amazon Web Services
Adventurer; Technologist; Mountain Biker; How can technol...
Big data, processing power
David Velez
Vo stacked Amazon Web Services
My name is Khiet Vo. I'm working for AgilityIO as a web-d...
Iheanyi Ekechukwu
Iheanyi Ekechukwu stacked Amazon Web Services
computer dude, hip-hop lover. senior eng @github on Actio...
For my various computing needs, it gets the job done. Mostly use it for S3 + Cloudfront stuff on my website.
max kuang
max kuang stacked Amazon Web Services
data engineer
easy to use with no maintenance on the cloud
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