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I got the DIY kit, meaning I was able to use my own desktop (I bought one that I thought looked nice at Ikea), and honestly, it was easy to set up and it worked on the first try. It's pretty solid and works well.
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Vince Nguyen
Vince Nguyen stacked Autonomous
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The SmartDesk 2 (Home edition) has been a life savour for my back after a few weeks sitting on a dining chair. I also weirdly feel more productive + confident during VC call due to the standing, open body position as well.
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Paulo Fonseca
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I got a DIY business version of their standing desks, where I had to create my own desk surface, and it was the perfect (and only) solution to fit a standing desk in my window sill, exactly where I wanted it. I’ve also added some aftermarket wheels to it, and it runs great!
Adam Bader
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I bought one of their standing desks years ago. Very sturdy, affordable, and high quality.
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BIg fan of their desks — pricier than IKEA's SKARSTA Standing Desk, which was unable for delivery when the pandemic hit, but made higher quality and with way more customization options. Here's $200 off:
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Great quality standing desk, and a great price
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