Audio Technica Ath M 50 X
Professional monitor headphones
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Gautam Muralidharan
Gautam Muralidharan stacked Audio Technica Ath M 50 X
Nerd. Dad. Immigrant.
Good range. Amazing clarity and balanced bass
Ross Varrette
Ross Varrette stacked Audio Technica Ath M 50 X
Husband | Father | Techie | Musician | Creative
Great for studio work on the go.
Drew Jennison
Drew Jennison stacked Audio Technica Ath M 50 X
Graphic Designer.
Comfortable, great sound quality and easy on your ears if you wear headphones for most of the day.
Tomas Stanford
Tomas Stanford stacked Audio Technica Ath M 50 X
Here for philosophy and MMA. Co founder of Saint Belford.
On my third pair in close to 10 years. Although the leather tends to wear off eventually, and they're certainly not the Mose stylish, these are still my go-to headphones. Balanced sound and comfy enough to wear all day.
Andrew J. CowellsskoutasDavid
yarince stacked Audio Technica Ath M 50 X
I'm a Software developer interested in gadgets, tech and ...
Great sound quality, fair price and a solid audio profile. I've been using them for 4 years now, couldn't think of switching to something else
Łukasz stacked Audio Technica Ath M 50 X
👋 CTO & Co-founder at @heyEnjoyHQ |💻 #clojure and ops |🎛 ...
Sound great
Rahul Acharya
Rahul Acharya stacked Audio Technica Ath M 50 X
Fan of the underdog products
The quality of the audio is supreme.
Jesse Russell
Jesse Russell stacked Audio Technica Ath M 50 X
Product Manager at - I ❤️ tech, product, music...
Been using these headphones for about a month now and I absolutely love the way they sound. Nice and comfy on my ears. Great for making beats when monitors aren't an option.
Norman ChellaJoelAlexandre Mouriec
Joel stacked Audio Technica Ath M 50 X
I'm a software engineer building something new... Nice s...
With so many different headphones to choose from nowadays, these are by far the best bang for you buck. Side note: They come with 3 different cables. It's the little things.
Jesse Russell
Rich Schreiber
Rich Schreiber stacked Audio Technica Ath M 50 X
Tech professional and fan of books, sports, and video games
Comfy fit, great sounds and killer value
Jesse Russell
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