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Timcox stacked Audible
Comms @redeemerctc 🐈 Cats, Coffees, Beers, #synths, #vcvr...
I’m up to 2x. What about you?
Matej Pangerc
Matej Pangerc stacked Audible
HODL that thought!
Turned out as the only way back to longform after student years
Tom Lawrence
Tom Lawrence stacked Audible
Love problem solving and finding new products that evolve...
I can listen to books on double time and transfer easily between reading and listening.
justin stacked Audible
I like pancakes
It seemed I couldn't make reading books a priority. Started Audible via an Amazon promotion and managed to finish 6 books in 6 months just listening during random free time. Still need to fix the reading thing, but happy to have this as option in the meantime!
julien zmiro
julien zmiro stacked Audible
Designer @intercom and co-creator of @eeselapp
I love real physical books, with nice covers but being able to keep "reading" my book on my daily stroll is just amazing.
Pratik Gandhi
Pratik Gandhi stacked Audible
Growing @Covalent_HQ. Previously Growth @NEARProtocol. E...
It has the best repository of audiobooks.
Stefan stacked Audible
I help startups & companies validate, prototype and desig...
Love to listen a good book at the gym.
maxart stacked Audible
Design lead at Twitch/AWS. Previously Facebook, Airbnb, E...
Where I listen to books.
Chris Holm-Hansen
Chris Holm-Hansen stacked Audible
Tech, startups and design. And a lot of other stuff too.
Has all the books I've been looking for 🤷‍♂️
anat stacked Audible
product + eng @ NewCo, previously mobile @ blue apron, am...
Whether I'm riding the subway, walking somewhere, or cooking dinner, I'm likely listening to a book on Audible. Only issue I have is when I want to take notes and I'm on a run...
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