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Alex Ferre
Alex Ferre stacked Audible
cheap subscription
Christian Eilers
Christian Eilers stacked Audible
Born and raised in New York City, I currently live in and...
I fell in love with audiobooks and Audible back in 2014 or so by reading (listening to) Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch. It was absolutely life-changing, and I say that literally, because I now consume about 95% of my reading through Audible.
Edu Giansante
Edu Giansante stacked Audible
Head of Community @ Wix Founder @ eDublin Book Author
Because I hear tons of audiobooks too
Nicholas Bouchard
Will Henderson
Will Henderson stacked Audible
Co-founder and CPO of Knowa. Formerly PM at what3words.
Rapid 'reading' at 1.3x
Ye Lwin Soe
Ye Lwin Soe stacked Audible
A software engineer who love to create useful product.
The fact that you can listen(read book) to audiobook on the go is life changing.
Sten Tamkivi
Sten Tamkivi stacked Audible
For the long walks with a baby stroller, at the time I don't fly planes.
Nandana Yadla
Nandana Yadla stacked Audible
Can we get biryani?
1. I love listening to stories 2. I work here and we are obsessed w/ our customers
Timcox stacked Audible
Comms @redeemerctc 🐈 Cats, Coffees, Beers, #synths, #vcvr...
I’m up to 2x. What about you?
Matej Pangerc
Matej Pangerc stacked Audible
HODL that thought!
Turned out as the only way back to longform after student years
Tom Lawrence
Tom Lawrence stacked Audible
Love problem solving and finding new products that evolve...
I can listen to books on double time and transfer easily between reading and listening.
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