Atomic Habits
An easy & proven way to build good habits & break bad ones
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PEW PEW LASERS stacked Atomic Habits
Endlessly curious. Always trying new things.
Breaking habits down into discrete little pieces helped get me over the hump of changing my routine. I like the writing and how his evidence is presented.
Paul Youn
Paul Youn stacked Atomic Habits
Game changing book!
Dr. Jonathan L. Smith
Dr. Jonathan L. Smith stacked Atomic Habits
I perform, compose, and produce music with plucked string...
The art of habit creation and deconstruction broken down into the smallest parts.
𝗥𝕦𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕟 stacked Atomic Habits
CS student workin and learning. Into tech and crypto
This book really made me think about the small choices I make in the day to day and how they add up.
Pallavi Awhale
Pallavi Awhale stacked Atomic Habits
a law student
the use of systems and small daily habits makes a sucha great experience in daily life
Kim Suarez
Kim Suarez stacked Atomic Habits
Outdoors&Fitness Category Manager
broke everything down into simple tips
Nick Glaivn
Nick Glaivn stacked Atomic Habits
Front end engineer / Aspiring co founder
Great tips on how to hack life
Listory stacked Atomic Habits
Listory, the go-to app for quality content, is a content ...
Amazing insights to help form smarter habits.
Nic Acton
Nic Acton stacked Atomic Habits
The perfect storm of AI/ML, Data Science, DevOps, Infrast...
You don't rise to your goals, you fall to your habits. This book doesn't really tell you anything extraordinary or new but it gives you understanding and frameworks to start building habits that you know will lead to success and happiness.
Reshma Narayanan Kutty
Reshma Narayanan Kutty stacked Atomic Habits
Product Enthusiast. Love to try out different products.
Practical and doable. Simple steps and love the stories / case studies
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