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Luke stacked Asana
Co-founder at @bamboo_ie
Makes collaborative task management possible and easy, increasing individual and team wide productivity
Graham Gnall
Graham Gnall stacked Asana
Earthling • Building @getbraavo
Whole company project management.
duplexe tchoffo kagou
duplexe tchoffo kagou stacked Asana
Implementing the best processes with people who feel grea...
It allows me to manage multiple projects and teams and document
Andrew Fields
Andrew Fields stacked Asana
Product manager with lots of side hustles
makes assigning easy
Neel Sharma
Neel Sharma stacked Asana
Working to create the future of work
Being able to see how my work relates to bigger objectives with ease
Berk Ozak
Berk Ozak stacked Asana
Product Manager at @GetLWolf | Formerly: @bitlocom @groop...
My personal task manager for more than 5 years, after getting used to it as a professional tool. Creating tasks are so easy, and they appear on the top of the list. I write all thought and tasks on Asana, and mark them as completed when I get to them. Made my life way easier.
Apoorva Pandey
Apoorva Pandey stacked Asana
Passionate about products, Technology, Travel
Easy to manage tasks
Joshua Schaer
Joshua Schaer stacked Asana
Psychologist, interested in humans and computers. Special...
Simply the best to do app.
Alex Bass
Alex Bass stacked Asana
Founder & CEO at CyberBytes + Podcast Host at Analysis Pa...
Once configured well, can't function in day to day business without it.
Shobhit Sharma
Shobhit Sharma stacked Asana
Trying to figure out stuff, everyday.
Easy to create and manage task, collaborate with teams to get things delivered. Slack and Gmail integrations are simple yet powerful.
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