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Evan Hammer
Evan Hammer stacked Asana
Head of Product at Focusmate. Software Engineer. Designer...
It's so easy to keep my todo list organized and up to date. Plus narwhals - who doesn't love a random narwhal?
Andrew Marinopoulos
Andrew Marinopoulos stacked Asana
Co-Founder @enrollhand, helping schools grow
It's our backbone.
Jonas Holmström
Jonas Holmström stacked Asana
This and that
Keeps me organized
Huzaifa Saeed
Huzaifa Saeed stacked Asana
Manager, Partnerships at an HRTech firm (Check us out at ...
I have been a user and supporter since their launch. There might be more specialized enterprise tools out there, but this gets the job done for most organizational use cases, with a very generous free tier.
Nick Florez
Nick Florez stacked Asana
Simple, yet powerful.
Jiří Vicherek
Jiří Vicherek stacked Asana
Passionate about communication and people, both live and ...
Easy-to-use slick product with lots of connections to other apps. Constantly evolving. Trello seems too basic for our needs, Basecamp, and others too heavy.
Casey Newton
Casey Newton stacked Asana
I write The Interface. Get it by email: https://www.getre...
Asana is a technology that enables managers to ask employees whether they have updated Asana
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Danyang Zhao
Danyang Zhao stacked Asana
I do product stuff. Occasionally I tweet about animals.
A project management tool that actually encourages collaboration
Tal Peretz
Tal Peretz stacked Asana
Data Scientist, Software Engineer and a Continuous Learner
Queue structure, simple, fast
Javier PĂ©rez
Javier Pérez stacked Asana
Clear team work
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