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Chase Stubblefield
Chase Stubblefield stacked Asana
Building an informed and passionate community @Micromobil...
not that great of a company or product. we use it. wish my team used Notion instead / Notion was just a tad more feature complete in replacing Asana
Jason Diller
Jason Diller stacked Asana
VP of Growth @
I know what I need to do NOW.
Marek Čevelíček
Marek Čevelíček stacked Asana
Flip the coin
Simple to start with project management for any user in company
Anebi Agbo JR
Anebi Agbo JR stacked Asana
I help ship happen faster with low-code + nocode solution...
Good and intuitive interface.
Nicholas Bouchard
Nicholas Bouchard stacked Asana
Marketing copywriter by day, fiction writer by night. Asp...
This is our go-to work management app at the day job. More powerful than many tools out there, but still simple enough to get the hang of after a couple weeks on the job. I personally prefer Notion, but Asana is pretty good too.
AK stacked Asana
Software Founder, working on health App
works well
Ashley Cheah
Ashley Cheah stacked Asana
Just a simple lady who loves to share products, help peop...
Asana has the cleanest UI I've laid my eyes on and the COLORS. It's so easy to use
Adam Kazwell stacked Asana
Free online games place to play instantly for fun.
Project management is here!
Markus Marañon Straarup | Friendspire founder
Markus Marañon Straarup | Friendspire founder stacked Asana
Lover of products, founder of Friendspire! ✅ Asana for to...
Helps me keep everything organized so I can focus on one thing at a time
Logan Reaser
Logan Reaser stacked Asana
Hello, I am 25 years old and work in sales selling elect...
It has worked better than any other website. It is visually appealing and great for organization.
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