Apple Watch Series 3
A powerful smartwatch from Apple.
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Widely used for weather, noise measuring, reminders, hey Siri play Alter Bridge, and time telling.
Abhijeet Wankhade
Abhijeet Wankhade stacked Apple Watch Series 3
Design, movies, tech and design
I have been using this for more than couple of years now. It does what it is supposed to do. I mostly use it to track my workouts. Don't feel like I need to upgrade anytime soon.
Leron M. Revan
Leron M. Revan stacked Apple Watch Series 3
Aspiring entrepreneur. Creative. Passionate. Show me some...
Notifications on the wrist are really lit.
JOSE stacked Apple Watch Series 3
Lover of things. Knows little.
I have been an Apple fan boy forever and to continue that with a watch was the natural progression.
Vivek Karthikeyan
Vivek Karthikeyan stacked Apple Watch Series 3
(Pretending to be a) Product Designer. Writes @ https://t...
Does the job for now. Simple and Budget friendly!
Jon Plummer
Jon Plummer stacked Apple Watch Series 3
I have this account so I can block and mute people. I'm p...
Still not awesome as a watch, but the best fitness tracker I’ve ever used.
Felix Hüning
Felix Hüning stacked Apple Watch Series 3
Director e-commerce @nerosolutions & Founder @capjobDE li...
Price value ratio was perfect for a running watch
Ed stacked Apple Watch Series 3
Semi-geek always misspelling tweets. Engineer at @NearFor...
It gives more information than a regular watch. With the right notification preferences, it does not disturb you too much.
Abdus Fauzi
Abdus Fauzi stacked Apple Watch Series 3
CTO The Vocket. Designer. Writer. Web Designer/Developer....
Cheap and get the job done. Great integration with Apple ecosystem. stacked Apple Watch Series 3 es una pagina web que permite a s...
Stylish and sporty at the same time
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