Apple Watch Series 3
A powerful smartwatch from Apple.
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Gabe stacked Apple Watch Series 3
- Product at BentoBox ( - Advocate for mor...
Super day to use with my iPhone, stylish and it gives me data about myself that I would otherwise not have.
Defect stacked Apple Watch Series 3
CEO (Hopnop)
Simple and easy to use + Apple ecosystem
Melissa Du
Melissa Du stacked Apple Watch Series 3
Founder based in SF. Working on future of work/community ...
Great way to track my runs and keep tabs on my fitness and health.
Niels Ranum
Niels Ranum stacked Apple Watch Series 3
Curious about apps and the web -
Activity rings keeps me going throughout the day. Import workouts to Strava works flawlessly.
matt knox
matt knox stacked Apple Watch Series 3
@mattknox (ex-twitter), u/mattknox (currently at reddit),...
heart rate tracking, and fibrillation detection
Blake McCreary
Blake McCreary stacked Apple Watch Series 3
Product UX Designer // Obsessed with Travel & Beautifying...
Easier to control my music.
Lauren Huttner
Lauren Huttner stacked Apple Watch Series 3
northwestern medill ‚Äė24 || denver
tracks my heart rate while i run... i mean suburban hike
I7A stacked Apple Watch Series 3
PhD Researcher in Conceptual Mapping, Educational Modelli...
One of best gadgets I've got - allows me to listen to music with my wireless headphones without having to take out my phone, especially useful to be focused at the gym. Also can make voice memos at any time - perfect for quick idea recording!
Jenny Wang
Jenny Wang stacked Apple Watch Series 3
@neo @re__inc @techsetters @harvard
Tracks my steps & keeps my friend group motivated to work out!
PEW PEW LASERS stacked Apple Watch Series 3
Endlessly curious. Always trying new things.
Not too expensive that I'm precious with it. Solidly reliable.
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