Apple Watch Series 3
A powerful smartwatch from Apple.
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Shub Gaur
Shub Gaur stacked Apple Watch Series 3
Founded Spree, Investing at Dorm Room Fund, Pretending to...
Honestly, it does its job, seen no reason to upgrade yet!
Andrew Edstrom
Andrew Edstrom stacked Apple Watch Series 3
Software engineer, reader and PICO-8 tinkerer
Very simple and solid fitness tracking. It's really helpful to know what my
Vikalp S
Vikalp S stacked Apple Watch Series 3
I like to solve problems. At ,we eradic...
Everything !
Craig Ogg
Craig Ogg stacked Apple Watch Series 3
Technologist, cook, woodworker
The Apple Watch is the only reason I ever on time to meetings. I just wish it did a better job getting my Google Calendar updates on a reasonable interval.
Ben Kenney
Ben Kenney stacked Apple Watch Series 3
"Starting something new" is what people seem to say. Prio...
I like to get a preview of my messages.
Gabe stacked Apple Watch Series 3
- Product at BentoBox ( - Advocate for mor...
Super day to use with my iPhone, stylish and it gives me data about myself that I would otherwise not have.
Defect stacked Apple Watch Series 3
CEO (Hopnop)
Simple and easy to use + Apple ecosystem
Melissa Du
Melissa Du stacked Apple Watch Series 3
Founder based in SF. Working on future of work/community ...
Great way to track my runs and keep tabs on my fitness and health.
Niels Ranum
Niels Ranum stacked Apple Watch Series 3
Curious about apps and the web -
Activity rings keeps me going throughout the day. Import workouts to Strava works flawlessly.
matt knox
matt knox stacked Apple Watch Series 3
@mattknox (ex-twitter), u/mattknox (currently at reddit),...
heart rate tracking, and fibrillation detection
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