iPad Pro
The most advanced iPad ever, by Apple
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Feyza OkumuşStefanChris Sansbury
312 people use iPad Pro. Do you?

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Feyza Okumuş
Feyza Okumuş stacked iPad Pro
Research-driven Designer, currently @parasutcom; Co-organ...
My lil hero
Chris Sansbury
Chris Sansbury stacked iPad Pro
Curator and sharer of things @postabdn / @aberdeencity
Everything I need in a computer...95% of the time!
Jesse Russell
Danny Ohana
Danny Ohana stacked iPad Pro
A software engineer by trade and a designer by passion. C...
I mostly use it for nighttime reading. Only problem is it’s a pure entertainment machine, so I have to lock it in a room during the day so I don't get distracted.
RahulFras SmithJesse Russell
Melad Javadi
Melad Javadi stacked iPad Pro
Freelance Front-end Web Developer and Supergeek
My go to content consumption and note taking device. The pencil us a must have accessory as well.
Bill Petro
Bill Petro stacked iPad Pro
Technology sales enablement exec, early adopter, historian
This is an amazing productivity tool, as well as media consumption too. Along with the Magic Keyboard it's a terrific way to do useful writing and creating.
Shaun Moynihan
Shaun Moynihan stacked iPad Pro
Digital product designer with a passion for branding, and...
The iPad Pro has quickly turned into my preferred note and sketch recording device. So nice to have everything at my fingertips and readily available on my other devices.
julia fine
julia fine stacked iPad Pro
the road to hell is paved with pomodoros
The #1 productivity tool in my stack, hands down. I use it for everything!
geckobroth3r stacked iPad Pro
Simple the best
Brad stacked iPad Pro
Respekt! check out my podcast Founder of TechWebCast.
i love apple :)
christine kelley
christine kelley stacked iPad Pro
Social worker, dog lover, and tech enthusiast
with Apple Pencil of course! 512GB capacity from 2018. It's amazing! Especially with Ipados
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