Apple iPad
Apple's most popular tablet.
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Alice stacked Apple iPad
☀️ Experienced Data Platform Engineer ☀️ Kafka Advocate ☀️ A...
it's a cheap and portable second monitor
BH Dicaire
BH Dicaire stacked Apple iPad
Hello, my name is BH Dicaire (pronounced “de-care”) and I...
It's the best device to consume information
Güven stacked Apple iPad
Design @AppSamurai
I have 11 inch 2020 version. Performance, display and experience are amazing. I am using mostly reading and some calligraphy stuff.
terry stacked Apple iPad
Hi, I'm an IT university student! I like to explore new a...
It's powerful gadget for doing everything
Zoek India
Zoek India stacked Apple iPad
Meet ZOEK, the India’s fastest growing job board! The int...
The awesome UI.
Doug Green
Doug Green stacked Apple iPad
Apple lover. Food enthusiast. Need.
Everything great about a Mac, only in a tablet.
jasogarnrr stacked Apple iPad
Simple guy
Joe Hootman
Joe Hootman stacked Apple iPad
Love to make computers think about data, write code, craf...
Lighter, easier to read the various forms of publication rather than sitting down with paper books. Just started to learn annotation and progressive summarization. Loathe to draw this conclusion as I am a devoted bibliophile.
Dave Pearson
Dave Pearson stacked Apple iPad
Developer (, Emacs addict (http://elisp....
My "do stuff on the sofa" device.
𝑳𝒆𝒙 stacked Apple iPad
pro Excel nerd ⋮ data, writing, photography, fandom, ling...
9.7" version which works with Apple Pencil. All but replaced an unwieldy Wacom-and-laptop solution.
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