Apple AirPods
AirPods deliver an unparalleled wireless headphone experience.
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Jim Stevenson
Jim Stevenson stacked Apple AirPods
Growth Consultant - Helping companies find growth and suc...
They are light and easy to carry in my pockets, they sound great, I can use one of them at a time so I am aware of my surroundings and through an iOS shortcut I can easy connect them to either my iPhone or iPad Pro. Great Flexible and easy.
Ev Chapman
Ev Chapman stacked Apple AirPods
Head of Digital Brand COM Marketing | iPad enthusiast | I...
Not the best but work with all my apple stuff
Genna Corwin
Genna Corwin stacked Apple AirPods
Freelance writer who likes to avoid work by watching YouT...
Because I can just stick them in my ear and they just work with my iPhone, iPad or MacBook
Gabe Hawkins  
Gabe Hawkins  stacked Apple AirPods
Political scientist 🎓 ∙ Music maker 🎸🎚 ∙ Investor & finan...
The convenience and truly wireless experience is quintessentially Apple. I never go anywhere without them.
Smithy1783 stacked Apple AirPods
If you always do what you have always done, you'll always...
So, so convenient
Vusani Mlilo
Vusani Mlilo stacked Apple AirPods
I am African
Convenient and simple
Josephfruor stacked Apple AirPods
🌎✈️ Traveling the world 📸 Addicted to photography! 🏔 Based...
Easy to connect, long battery life. Daily earphones(pods)
ⓜⓡⓘⓓⓤⓛ stacked Apple AirPods
I am a Burning-man attending; chronic Perfectionist;usual...
Convenience and seemless
Jositos stacked Apple AirPods
Art director from Amsterdam. Specialized in Television an...
Best buy from Apple in years.
Gordon Corte
Gordon Corte stacked Apple AirPods
Talent Manager at McCann Erickson, former agent at ICM, f...
Super convenient and small
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