Apple Watch Series 5
You’ve never seen a watch like this.
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Jason Ng
Jason Ng stacked Apple Watch Series 5
Peter Vidovic
Peter Vidovic stacked Apple Watch Series 5
Hi, I am glad to be here!
It's nice
Jaladhi stacked Apple Watch Series 5
Product Design leader passionate about building talented ...
Activity rings. Great motivator to get daily exercise.
Dan Leitão
Dan Leitão stacked Apple Watch Series 5
Director of Product @ SKOOT Former Entrepreneur and Proc...
Messages, Activity, Time, and Calendar helps me keep my phone in my bag.
Enda Crowley
Ryan Eade
Ryan Eade stacked Apple Watch Series 5
CTO at Get Spiffy, Inc. Love creating and building thing...
It's become a part of my daily routine through the years. I don't even notice it as a device anymore; it's really an extension of me.
LukeCarrier stacked Apple Watch Series 5
I'm a Site Reliability Engineer obsessed with open source...
It just works.
Casey stacked Apple Watch Series 5
I am here
Work out tracking and being able to control music
Daniel Koo
Daniel Koo stacked Apple Watch Series 5
Software developer
Health tracking
Love the sports tracking capability and the customizable watch faces. I was not convinced about the usefulness of this device at first but I really like it now.
Lisa Ross
Lisa Ross stacked Apple Watch Series 5
Product nerd, ADHDer. Still recovering from table-based l...
It keeps me productive and doesn't break when I get it wet.
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