Apple Watch Series 4
The Apple Watch, fundamentally redesigned and reengineered
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BJ-HGA Tech stacked Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Fan. Tesla Fan. Follow me on Instagram at bjhgatech
sskoutas stacked Apple Watch Series 4
tech junkie, photographer, outdoor activities enthusiast
Aside from my iPhone, this is the single other product most likely to be with me at any point in tome throughout the day or night. 24/7 except for quick charges.
Aditya Sheth
Aditya Sheth stacked Apple Watch Series 4
Marketing @ Venngage 🚀 Growth, Content, SEO
Tracks workouts and vital signs
Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan stacked Apple Watch Series 4
eCommerce is my jam.
So I can put my phone down.
Ayush Jaiswal
Ayush Jaiswal stacked Apple Watch Series 4
Building Making opportunities universally acc...
Helps me archive all mails that I can skip. Can't have 0 inbox without this.
Aaron Guthrie
Aaron Guthrie stacked Apple Watch Series 4
Young audience strategy for an independent cinema that’s ...
I’m a data junkie and because of the kind this watch gathers, I’ve never been fitter, healthier and sleeping as well. Truly changed my life
Niklos Salontay
Niklos Salontay stacked Apple Watch Series 4
I bring apps to Facebook’s Portal. Media geek, board game...
No other device works with iOS well. I’m still searching for the next Pebble.
Riley Tomasek
Riley Tomasek stacked Apple Watch Series 4
I make simple, focused, and beautiful things that make pe...
Health tracking and a quick way to check calendar, weather, tasks, etc.
tom ross
tom ross stacked Apple Watch Series 4
Interested in Productivity, Personal Knowledge Management...
I thought I would use it a lot more than I do, but it's really a heart rate, exercise and sleep monitor that sends me my IPhone notifications. I don't really use it for anything else (and I'm perfectly happy with that!)
Zura Guerra
Zura Guerra stacked Apple Watch Series 4
Human being
I mainly use it to track Bitcoin price, sometimes to check my pulse
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