Apple Watch Series 4
The Apple Watch, fundamentally redesigned and reengineered
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Bryan HughesAlan F I N K E L S TE I NAlvaro Bajo
445 people use Apple Watch Series 4. Do you?


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Alan F I N K E L S TE I N
Alan F I N K E L S TE I N stacked Apple Watch Series 4
❤️tech, music, cooking, travel & Beatle Kevin. Dodgers & R...
from paying at the market to my walks to learning a cool feature almost every day to unlocking my macbook
Alvaro Bajo
Alvaro Bajo stacked Apple Watch Series 4
Product Designer
I can make calls on the ocean when paddling or kiting in case of emergency.
Joel Falconer
Joel Falconer stacked Apple Watch Series 4
Editorial & newsletters at SitePoint, musician, and remot...
Not sure it's that useful to me but provides some conveniences.
Taylor Johnston
Taylor Johnston stacked Apple Watch Series 4
Data Journalist Always looking for new tech to try
I track everything with this device!
Matty White
Matty White stacked Apple Watch Series 4
Nerdy McNerd
As a running companion it's the best - hasn't missed a beat (compare that to my Fitbit Versa & Blaze which cut out frequently - nothing worse than that on a run!)
Chris Gregori
Chris Gregori stacked Apple Watch Series 4
Senior Developer by trade & hobbyist indie creator workin...
Great for tracking fitness, convenient for toggling music and checking notifications without getting too distracted.
BJ-HGA Tech stacked Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Fan. Tesla Fan. Follow me on Instagram at bjhgatech
sskoutas stacked Apple Watch Series 4
tech junkie, photographer, outdoor activities enthusiast
Aside from my iPhone, this is the single other product most likely to be with me at any point in tome throughout the day or night. 24/7 except for quick charges.
Aditya Sheth
Aditya Sheth stacked Apple Watch Series 4
Marketing @ Venngage 🚀 Growth, Content, SEO
Tracks workouts and vital signs
Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan stacked Apple Watch Series 4
eCommerce is my jam.
So I can put my phone down.
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