Apple Watch Nike Series 4
Get connected through sport.
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Andy stacked Apple Watch Nike Series 4
I am a UX Designer who likes to jump into User Research a...
Really easy to track multiple types of workouts. the ecosystem of apple means I don't have a lot of maintenance or accounts to keep track of.
John Gillespie
John Gillespie stacked Apple Watch Nike Series 4
Multidisciplinary designer and front-end developer with t...
Apple made it. Also I look at my phone less
da26 stacked Apple Watch Nike Series 4
Hello there!
I would recommend you guys not to buy a series 4 if you‘re able to purchase the series 5 or wait until Series 6 get‘s published
erika stacked Apple Watch Nike Series 4
Tech and Productivity nerd who loves pretty much all thin...
Not a big gym rat, but I love how it's able to keep me on track! Integrates well with Things 3 for my to-do list, lets me easily control my music among other things, and even told me my heart rate was too high (so I knew it was time I put down my cocktail LOL)
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Diego Romano Sanchez
Diego Romano Sanchez stacked Apple Watch Nike Series 4
21 year old man who loves technology and wants to keep on...
Fitness tracking is great and it functions well as a time tracker and shows me all the notifications I need without my iPhone
Bharath Srinivas
Bharath Srinivas stacked Apple Watch Nike Series 4
Tech enthusiast. Aspiring polymath. Baseball Fan(Go @sfgi...
The first truly smartwatch that not only learns and adapts from the user but also makes you smart, in many many ways.
Nino L. Carrasquillo
Nino L. Carrasquillo stacked Apple Watch Nike Series 4
I am the founder of New Wine Ministry. I am in love with ...
I just do.
Jack stacked Apple Watch Nike Series 4
Like Tech, Interested in apps and utilities for iOS and m...
Use the standard series 4 so handy with cellular and notifications
Kia Sidbury
Kia Sidbury stacked Apple Watch Nike Series 4
❤️ Jesus Christ, Mom, GlamMa, bass guitar player 🎸 & Pro P...
great for apple pay, answering calls, track fitness workouts, and sending/responding to text messages
Kris Rojas
Kris Rojas stacked Apple Watch Nike Series 4
@HackorSlash Showrunner | Star Wars Enthusiast | Slasher ...
The larger display affords more complications, which gives me a global view on the things that matter most to me throughout the day. I’ve been able to manage my tasks, calendar events, sleep quality, and even reference important information for my day job all from my wrist.
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