Apple Thunderbolt Display
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Igor stacked Apple Thunderbolt Display
Intern @ Science Inc. USC student.
1440p display, connects to my laptop with a Thunderbolt 2 -> USB-C dongle. Has it's own speaker, microphone and 720p webcam which are all better than the built-in versions in my Macbook Pro. Beautiful aesthetic. My favourite monitor.
It looks good beside my iMac.
Mattan Griffel
Mattan Griffel stacked Apple Thunderbolt Display
Co-Founder at Ophelia | Faculty at @columbia_biz | @forbe...
Beautiful and big.
Chris Messina
Chris Messina stacked Apple Thunderbolt Display
Inventor of the hashtag. #1 Product Hunter 🏆. Ever-curiou...
These are probably the most attractive displays when it comes to industrial design. The bezels are way too big and the lack of Retina means they're showing their age — but they're just nice objects to look at.
Elmasry stacked Apple Thunderbolt Display
Creating products in the morning, lifting at night. Build...
I daisy chain two 27-inch Thunderbolt monitors to my Macbook pro, I'm thinking about selling them and buy one of those ultra wide 49-inch monitors though
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