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Alvaro Bajo
Alvaro BajoĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
Product Designer
So easy to use. More useful that ever since last update.
K.Ā stackedĀ Apple Reminders
Product Designer and Frontend Developer.
Integration into the ecosystem. Iā€™ve tried a bunch of others but thereā€™s always been some level of friction that gets in my way.
JustinĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
Risk being seen and dare to be heard.
It's baked in.
Colin Kiama
Colin KiamaĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
Iā€™m a Front-end web developer who just wants life to flow...
The integration with the rest of iOS amazing!
Spencer ODell
Spencer ODellĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
Iā€™m a designer who's super curious about the world. In ad...
It's good enough to get most jobs done.
Ryan Murphy
Ryan MurphyĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
Dogs. Saunas. Beer. Photography. Meditation.
Simple to use
Vlad Volkov
Vlad VolkovĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
Digital nomad. First-class Quality Engineer. Traveler.
Built-in and easy to navigate
AlexĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
Italian Tech YouTuber. Apple User and Fanboy. Graphic Des...
It's simple and syncs across my Apple devices.
MattĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
Software Engineer, hit me up if you wanna talk #reactjs, ...
Simple and always available (apart from when I'm on a windows machine)
Bryan Philips
Bryan PhilipsĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
B2B Marketing Strategist at In Motion Marketing.
Works great across my devices.
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