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Bernardo Reynolds
Bernardo ReynoldsĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
Making tools to make life easier.
can use it inside Fantastical
On my phone
Juan Vaamonde
Juan VaamondeĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
Designer at Cochlear & building Famillio
For now, I am enjoying the simplicity and focus in its approach to tasks. Wunderlist is gone, Microsoft to do is a strange evolution, Notion is best used as a wiki, which leaves my tasks lost in a sea of notes.
Abdullah Dagli
Abdullah DagliĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
Founder at and in Turkey.
I am using apple products only. So I prefer integrated apps
noahĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
I am Noah. I love everything Apple. Also I love all tech
it works on all my apple products
Joe Bowen
Joe BowenĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
I work remotely for a technology company and I have frequ...
With iCloud it works with all my devices.
Andreea A Balasa
Andreea A BalasaĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
Growth Marketing Executive | Digital creative šŸš€ #fintech ...
Simple and efficient šŸ‘Œ
James Beshara
James BesharaĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
Investor: Gusto, ThirdLove, RigUp, Mercury, Bolt, Halo To...
After Wunderlist went down the drain, I found Reminders -- love the simplicity and most of all, the Siri integration from my phone or watch to add things by voice.
Joe "Gladdstone" Farrell
Joe "Gladdstone" FarrellĀ stackedĀ Apple Reminders
I make computers go. Host of HomePod Defense Squad and oc...
Cross-platform support, multi-list breakdown give me all the features I need in a to-do list. Anything more goes to my calendar.
M...Ā stackedĀ Apple Reminders
Itā€™s better to be a pirate than to join the navy.
native to ios and synced to all your devices
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