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The best notetaking app ever made
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Shivam Dewan
Shivam Dewan stacked Apple Notes
Senior UX Designer @Nagarro • Design Mentor @Springboard ...
Simple. Privacy. Fast. Apple Pencil ❤️
Markus Marañon Straarup | Friendspire founder
Markus Marañon Straarup | Friendspire founder stacked Apple Notes
Lover of products, founder of Friendspire! ✅ Asana for to...
Been juggling this around for a while. Needs to be super simple and easily shareable with the mizzuz...
Keith Nothacker
Keith Nothacker stacked Apple Notes
ceo bactrack
Simple device syncing
Alex stacked Apple Notes
Italian Tech YouTuber. Apple User and Fanboy. Graphic Des...
So simple, so minimal, and you can still do so much, that's incredible...that's Apple.
Parker Ehret
Parker Ehret stacked Apple Notes
UX and Product Designer
Simple and easy to use; I don't like adding additional apps with duplicated functionality.
Mads Burcharth
Mads Burcharth stacked Apple Notes
Design and family - building Snack ✨ Previously @Sketch
Too many ideas
Pallavi Benawri
Pallavi Benawri stacked Apple Notes
Product Designer @Visa. Ex-UMich, Ex-IITG.
Easy and quick without complex functionalities.
adamdinger stacked Apple Notes
Collector. Seeker. Dad.
Easy to access, simple interface.
harty raharjo
harty raharjo stacked Apple Notes
observe trend. analyse data. enjoy writing from time to t...
default note for ideas/writing draft, easy shift between my laptop and phone. auto sync when i switch/add new apple devices - one less item to think about.
akash patro
akash patro stacked Apple Notes
Building @yoletterapps, Software @Atherenergy
Simple elegant note taking app. Fast and reliable
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