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Apple Mail
Christian CitoKureDennis
239 people use Apple Mail. Do you?


People that stacked Apple Mail

Pirijan stacked Apple Mail
Creator of Kinopio.club, spatial thinking to help with yo...
love is a strong word, but my email needs are really basic
YogiCanberk Çevik
Karen Keyes
Karen Keyes stacked Apple Mail
I am an entrepreneur and freelancer, working with clients...
Easy to use interface
Justin stacked Apple Mail
Risk being seen and dare to be heard.
It's built-in.
Colin Kiama
Colin Kiama stacked Apple Mail
I’m a Front-end web developer who just wants life to flow...
Works out of the box
Умная Кабарга
Умная Кабарга stacked Apple Mail
Seeking the spell of mastery
Just works
T.eck stacked Apple Mail
Entrepreneur Accounting for Compliance
Integration and ease of use
Danny de Vries
Danny de Vries stacked Apple Mail
I'm an Indie Maker building digital products for the web ...
The trusty default mail app. I've tried lots of applications but always come back to the default app. I hate it when you need to pay monthly for an e-mail application.
Minimal setup, comes default with iOS & macOS.
Alex Chernikov
Alex Chernikov stacked Apple Mail
I run an indie software company that made Mate Translate,...
I'm not concerned about privacy. It's preinstalled on all my devices. Does its job for me. I'm not sending hundreds of emails a day, anyway.
Joan Cardona
Stefano Bourscheid
Stefano Bourscheid stacked Apple Mail
Eng. manager @ 8fit
Works alright
YourStack Mascot