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Tim Feeley
Tim Feeley stacked Apple HomePod
Hi, I'm Tim Feeley! I'm a Product Manager @Google. Before...
Looks sleek, has that Apple "je ne sais quoi," and has some pretty impressive sound quality—BUT—of limited use for non Apple Music users and doesn't support non-HomeKit devices.
Abe stacked Apple HomePod
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I keep it in my bedroom in lieu of a clock. "Hey Siri, what time is it?" and for offloading thoughts to my to-do lists that I might forget in the morning, without getting out of bed, i.e. "Hey Siri, add 'call X about Y' to my personal list"
Calum Webb
Silviu St
Silviu St stacked Apple HomePod
iOS Developer 🇹🇩
This is amazing in a 30mp room. It has bass and the connection is seamlessly with my other apple products. 🥰
Yaroslav Prokofiev
Yaroslav Prokofiev stacked Apple HomePod
Digital communication & creative strategist. Advertising...
Sound quality, Apple Home control
Ssimran Singh
Ssimran Singh stacked Apple HomePod
Apps User. Apps Switcher. Apps Thinker. You get the idea!
The sound quality and being in the apple ecosystem - it does a darn good job with everything.
Al-Dossary, Majid
Al-Dossary, Majid stacked Apple HomePod
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Integration with Apple's echo system
Praval stacked Apple HomePod
Head of Marketing, @Zoho. Mountains & beaches, lagers & c...
One of the best sounding speakers (without all the clutter).
Carlos stacked Apple HomePod
Tech obsessed average guy
Sound quality over the smarts
Marlon stacked Apple HomePod
Swift Developer • Currently attending @lambdaschool • Mus...
Amazing sound, and looks great. I like that there's a touch screen on the top as well that's nice for pausing and resuming play quickly.
OB stacked Apple HomePod
Easy going dude, love outdoors activities, mindfulness, w...
Need a fresh update, better integration and a super Siri actionable features. Perfect music companion
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