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Is perfect
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Open Source
diniska stacked Android Studio
iOS developer, working in Sydney. I like creating mobil...
Android Studio can download all the simulators for older versions of devices – very useful to make sure an app works correctly. I'm not developing Android apps often, but when I do – Android Studio is the number one choice.
Arfan Shaikh
Arfan Shaikh stacked Android Studio
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Memes aside, I love android studio because the ease at which you can develop apps once you get used to it. I remember when I was 14 trying to code a notes app in eclipse, It was really tough for me as a beginner. Android Studio has made developing apps significantly easier.
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Love the simplicity
To develop
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Huge ecosystem and great phones + other devices :)
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The customizability
Conner Aldrich
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Software Architect
Works great for Flutter development
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