Amazon Echo
Echo connects to Alexa to play music, make calls, and more
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David TraverDavid VelezIgn√°cio  Correia
50 people use Amazon Echo. Do you?

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Ign√°cio  Correia
Ignácio Correia stacked Amazon Echo
Offering 15 years of progressive experience as well as ex...
Hands-free while cooking.
averagejane stacked Amazon Echo
Digital Marketing Professional at a massive SaaS company ...
Smart, easy, dependable.
Shane Wright
Shane Wright stacked Amazon Echo
Tech consultant n the healthcare finance industry
Great sound quality, easy to use
Antoine Benichou
Antoine Benichou stacked Amazon Echo
Growth Marketing & Strategy guy enrolled in a master's de...
Use it as a speaker and voice assistant.
Michael Silberling
Michael Silberling stacked Amazon Echo
South Floridian in Seattle. Doing things @Amazon. ūüźä @UF A...
Mostly for music and cooking timers.
Logan Meier
Logan Meier stacked Amazon Echo
I am thankful.
Because it listens so well.
Micah Carroll
Micah Carroll stacked Amazon Echo
Sharing info and material that would help my past self. ...
Steven Young
Steven Young stacked Amazon Echo
Adventure seeker. People lover. Enthusiast. Photographe...
Connecting my phone to a bluetooth speaker has never been easier.
Ryan Finlay
Ryan Finlay stacked Amazon Echo
Building a local news & community network at
Great for listening to music on.
Alex Kantrowitz
Alex Kantrowitz stacked Amazon Echo
Senior technology reporter at BuzzFeed. Author of Always ...
Alexa is my primary life companion
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)Ryan Hoover
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