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403 people use Alfred. Do you?

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Jono Marcelino
Jono Marcelino stacked Alfred
Alfred is faster than Mac OS Spotlight!
elbz stacked Alfred
She/her Sr. UX designer building awesome @wizelinedesig...
Better than spotlight. That's it.
Terry Elliott
Terry Elliott stacked Alfred
Instructor and sharer-in-chief for friends, family, and c...
a true iceberg, so much below the surface, now to apply it and use it in my writing and teaching.
Jose Paul Martin
Jose Paul Martin stacked Alfred
Private Equity & Venture Capitalist • Connect with me @ h...
Use it ALL the time... became a power user when they made it available!
Andrea stacked Alfred
#HeathIT nerd, wife, #iPhone addict, #mom. Tweets and per...
How did I ever live without this? Makes me way more productive.
Thines Ganeshamoorthy
Thines Ganeshamoorthy stacked Alfred
UCL Graduate | Civil Servant working in London
Love the way it provides quick, easy access to everything on my Mac and makes me far more productive and reduces the need to switch to and use my mouse.
Basile Fanon
Basile Fanon stacked Alfred
🚀 Expert CRM & Marketing Digital • 🎹 Musique 📷 Photograph...
It drastically improved my productivity.
Adam Wood
Adam Wood stacked Alfred
Building Viaduct and Gertrude.
Most used productivity and Mac app!
Louis stacked Alfred
A person
Spotlight, but better.
Tanner Hawkes
Tanner Hawkes stacked Alfred
VC @ Kickstart. Former Product @ Nike, Vivint.
Makes everything searchable. Love Alfred.
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