Work with a spreadsheet with the power of a database
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640 people use Airtable. Do you?

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Sthithapragnan stacked Airtable
I run my own company in the fintech/financial inclusion s...
Easy to manipulate data with a lot more structure than a spreadsheet.
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor stacked Airtable
Eternally curious | Working & Learning Outloud | Honorary...
Spreadsheets on steroids. Awesome.
KP stacked Airtable
I'm a maker building platforms that people love using the...
Airtable was my first foray into no-code. Fundamentally changed how I viewed spreadsheets. Love how simple it is to throw a quick form together and shoot a link to someone. The forms are just aesthetically and functionally superior to Google Sheets.
Emily KellertWhit Anderson IVEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
rebecca stacked Airtable
i dabble in this and that. marketing/startups/tech/hiph...
There are endless ways to customize and integrate your spreadsheets via Airtable!!
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Katerina stacked Airtable
Founder of Communication & Culture map. Mother to 4 wild ...
good integration with other apps
Alison Robinson
Alison Robinson stacked Airtable
Christian short-term missionary, Photography enthusiast, ...
Visually pleasing spreadsheet app that is also incredibly powerful and easy to use. I can easily create comprehensive documents and processes using this programme.
Matt Krandel
Matt Krandel stacked Airtable
Founder & CEO at Shuffl TV, fmr. Media Analyst, before th...
Brittany Sigler
Brittany Sigler stacked Airtable
do-er. excited about: public health, social justice, tech...
I love Airtable. It's a database & spreadsheet & task manager & whatever else you want it to be rolled into one. I evangelize it to everyone, I now have my whole team using it. From project management to event planning to UX research, it's my go-to -- personally & professionally.
Michael David Murphy
Michael David Murphy stacked Airtable
ATL-based photographer, writer, non-profiteer.
Love the free account.
WR stacked Airtable
Nocturnal nomad. Personal account. Follow @themacindex fo...
Good CMS to sync with database records
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