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Nick Zieber
Nick Zieber stacked Airtable
Senior Product Manager @brinciot - Hong Kong. Learning by...
I live and breathe Airtable. It's my favorite tool for organizing records that I can access pretty much anywhere.
Mustafa Al Makki
Mustafa Al Makki stacked Airtable
Visual Storytelling through Digital Transformation
it's a dimensional view into your brain
edmund amoye
edmund amoye stacked Airtable
LTV = (purpose * $$) ^ (at scale) / 🥅 to build a co. / @T...
The new way to thing about databases. I use this for almost every V1 of my projects.
Paul Mosedale
Paul Mosedale stacked Airtable
Founder/Owner/Director @ Visual Intent.
Easy to use and pretty powerful for what you want
Håkan Nylén
Håkan Nylén stacked Airtable
Developer, photographer, husband, father and founder of k...
The filters and all other things to customize everything is very cool.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Catherine stacked Airtable
business nerd 🤓😎
I love being able to take spreadsheets and data to a whole new universe of possibilities!
Andy MacVarunEmily
Abhishek Uniyal
Abhishek Uniyal stacked Airtable
I like to work on software products that people want. I a...
Easy and powerful tool for managing data
Andy Mac
Andy Mac stacked Airtable
Into helping create and build products that give people s...
Fantastic and flexible data store that is accessible to Ops and Line of Biz users that are less technical
Alex Kwon
Morgan Pelissier
Morgan Pelissier stacked Airtable
Building @wearesparkmate ⚡ Turning good ideas into great ...
Like google sheet but a bodybuilded one! The different views are a super useful features
Bob Bass
Bob Bass stacked Airtable
Owner of Narro, LLC. NodeJS, VueJS, JS/TS, MySQL Develope...
When MySQL is too much
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