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Jonathan Yagel
Jonathan Yagel stacked Airtable
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I'm obsessed. Even just as "Excel, but prettier" it's pretty compelling... but the additional functionality is significant. The ability to look at your data in multiple views, add tags and files into cells, view edits by cell... the list goes on and on. Definitely try it out!
Jazzi Cooper
Jazzi Cooper stacked Airtable
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Accessibility of google sheets with the power of a relational database. Very useful (and addicting).
Benjamin Td
Benjamin Td stacked Airtable
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Spreadsheets with an API, what's not to love. The easiest way to hack an app together, with an amazing dashboard and flexibility.
Deepa Arora
Deepa Arora stacked Airtable
hakuna matada
Using airtable to track my media consumption and so far so good! Has the functionality I need, and the price is right (free). As a long time excel user, I could never really get comfortable using google sheets.
Igor stacked Airtable
Intern @ Science Inc.
I use Airtable for CRM, application building, finances and more. 50k record limit for the Pro plan feels a little low, but you get a lot of bang for your buck with the intuitive database functionality and the API.
Nitesh Manav
Nitesh Manav stacked Airtable
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Airtable is superb. It's fast, functional and has great UI and UX.
Phil Nielsen
Phil Nielsen stacked Airtable
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Airtable is awesome for when you need to store information and allow other people to see it easily
Pretty forms easy to share, and results go into a database
Silicon Live
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simple but effective in doing most jobs DB tasks with a mobile option for on the go
Ali Schwanke
Ali Schwanke stacked Airtable
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