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Sumit Garg
Sumit Garg stacked Airtable
CX evangelist, building RisingBrands
changed the way how you use databases
yogiokto stacked Airtable
I write coding tutorial
I am able to organize many things with multiple views
Peyton stacked Airtable
🚀 Brand Journalist & Creative Strategist. I help clients...
Great templates and team collabs.
Sabin Rodriguez
Sabin Rodriguez stacked Airtable
Previously a startup founder, now road-tripping and story...
I am not exaggerating. In my previous startup I used to use Airtable for running my sales, marketing, HR, finance, and even vendor communications. Owing to the usage and the love for Airtable, we were offered 2000$ credits for a year. Airtable is Excel on steroids. Must use
Marriage Pursuit
Marriage Pursuit stacked Airtable
Handsome marketer and husband!
Flexible database, connects with other applications
Hannah Wiginton
Hannah Wiginton stacked Airtable
SaaS/Tech Copywriter
Database structure to organize ANYTHING!
ishaan stacked Airtable
co-founder at measure
Lets me centralize leads, waitlist, investors, everything!
Josh Hamilton
Josh Hamilton stacked Airtable
I build things for fun.
Modular database structures allow me to rapidly build schemas that form the backbone of our infrastructure.
Akili King
Alexa Kilroy
Alexa Kilroy stacked Airtable
Director of Marketing & Ops @TalkHowdy. Dog mom, pasta lo...
I use Airtable as our CRM, our branding materials catalog, a place to store meeting notes — opportunities are endless and I’m hooked.
'K' Koysor Abdul
'K' Koysor Abdul stacked Airtable
Design and Developer. Enjoy travelling, health and fitnes...
I manage many aspects of my life in the app. Finances, CRM for freelance business.
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