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Roy Chan
Roy Chan stacked Airtable
Problem Solver by Design. Making our world a bit easier t...
Finally, someone makes sense of database software.
Hector Proud
Hector Proud stacked Airtable
Founder of a cultural production and marketing communicat...
John Strutton
John Strutton stacked Airtable
Product person - best reached at
Keeping CRM simple
Jonathan Prozzi
Jonathan Prozzi stacked Airtable
Learner, educator, hacker. Passionate about design, progr...
Airtable is flexible and powerful and we're using it in many ways.
Raul Rosas
Raul Rosas stacked Airtable
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Love building things. O...
Really makes it easy to create relational databases.
Jonathan Prozzi
Chrissy Cowdrey
Chrissy Cowdrey stacked Airtable
Founder of Stagger, a full stack product for visual story...
If it wasn't for Airtable I'd be the worst organizer I know.
Sophia stacked Airtable
Melbourne-based Community Manager at Neighbourhood cowork...
I use Airtable for everything I can! It's robust but lightweight, and the free features cover 90% of what you need to do.
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Akash Raju
Akash Raju stacked Airtable
Founder of Glimpse, past: Microsoft, Tesla, Purdue
So quick to set up / use for MVP
Jonathan Prozzi
Dave Morin
Dave Morin stacked Airtable
Use it every day to build a variety of mini apps for everything I am working on.
Nikita Astakhov
Nikita Astakhov stacked Airtable
Founder @Stories
Love their web forms
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