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'K' Koysor Abdul
'K' Koysor Abdul stacked Airtable
Design and Developer. Enjoy travelling, health and fitnes...
I manage many aspects of my life in the app. Finances, CRM for freelance business.
Rajan MR
Rajan MR stacked Airtable
Founder of Social Duce
Simplicity and ease of use. Multiple use cases
Janel stacked Airtable
I'm a marketer, maker and curator of, a wee...
Great database with generous free plan. I like the forms function as well. I house a lot of data & tools on Airtable.
Kimball Frank Wirig
Kimball Frank Wirig stacked Airtable
Boom boom boom
It nice
Albert Lie
Albert Lie stacked Airtable
Exploring deep tech space
a spreadsheet database
Federico Gaggio
Federico Gaggio stacked Airtable
Brand & Creative Leadership. Strategy Story Culture Desig...
Simple, easy to use, powerful database app.
Nick Zieber
Nick Zieber stacked Airtable
Senior Product Manager @brinciot - Hong Kong. Learning by...
I live and breathe Airtable. It's my favorite tool for organizing records that I can access pretty much anywhere.
Mustafa Al Makki
Mustafa Al Makki stacked Airtable
Visual Storytelling through Digital Transformation
it's a dimensional view into your brain
edmund amoye
edmund amoye stacked Airtable
LTV = (purpose * $$) ^ (at scale) / ūü•Ö to build a co. / @T...
The new way to thing about databases. I use this for almost every V1 of my projects.
Paul Mosedale
Paul Mosedale stacked Airtable
Founder/Owner/Director @ Visual Intent.
Easy to use and pretty powerful for what you want
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