AirPods Pro
True wireless earbuds
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averagejane stacked AirPods Pro
Digital Marketing Professional at a massive SaaS company ...
Clear audio in and out, dependable.
Luke stacked AirPods Pro
Co-founder at @bamboo_ie
Noise cancellation and quality superior over other AirPods models
Shiveen Pandita
Shiveen Pandita stacked AirPods Pro
Productivity connoisseur
Definitely one of the few things I own that makes dealing with the zoom calls much more bearable.
Igor stacked AirPods Pro
Intern @ Science Inc.
Very noticeable upgrade from the regular AirPods, noise cancellation and improved bass being the big game changers. My most used headphones - never going back to anything over the ear.
Noise cancellation helps to concentrate and focus. Sound quality is incredibly good comparing with "regular" AirPods.
Stefan Erschwendner
Stefan Erschwendner stacked AirPods Pro
Managing Partner at LHBS, a boutique strategy and innovat...
Great sound and noise cancellation
Jazzi Cooper
Jazzi Cooper stacked AirPods Pro
Fintech founder, building new things in personal finance ...
Small, discrete, with solid noise cancelling.
Josh Todd
Josh Todd stacked AirPods Pro
Product at @tune. I'm into software, crypto, music, gamin...
Always having headphones in my pocket is a game-changer.
Brad Engel
Brad Engel stacked AirPods Pro
I like thinking about cool things, making cool things, an...
I can walk the dog with a lease in one hand, hold my two-year-old's hand in the other, and talk on the phone at the same time. Also great for listening to podcasts while doing the dishes, just saying.
Geet Duggal
Geet Duggal stacked AirPods Pro
I’m a software engineer, computational biologist, and tec...
Good all-around headphones that are easy to carry around and have good noise cancellation. I also like the Bose QC 30,35
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