AirPods Pro
AirPods deliver an unparalleled wireless headphone experience.
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Dexter Shepherd
Dexter Shepherd stacked AirPods Pro
Software Developer and Creative Coder living in Los Angeles
Originally just bought for walks and doing the dishes, but have ended up replacing my Sony MX1000XM2s as daily drivers.
Kate Potts
Kate Potts stacked AirPods Pro
Marketing Strategy & Operations, Caffeine Addict, Technop...
Bluetooth + Noise Cancelling = Done.
Neil Daftary
Neil Daftary stacked AirPods Pro
Brainy creative & senior software engineer @ Codecademy
Actually usable in a city thanks to the noise cancelling. Good for on the go, but I still prefer over the ear for isolation.
Jon Barber
Jon Barber stacked AirPods Pro
Product Designer / UX Engineer
Very comfortable. The noise cancelling is fantastic.
T.eck stacked AirPods Pro
Entrepreneur Accounting for Compliance
Ease of use
Bobby Bobak @ Filtru
Bobby Bobak @ Filtru stacked AirPods Pro
Creator of Filtru - coffee app for the people.
Wireless, good noise cancellation and they're pretty mobile.
Gabe stacked AirPods Pro
- Product at BentoBox ( - Advocate for mor...
Easy to setup and use with my iPhone!
Sara Campbell
Sara Campbell stacked AirPods Pro
Communications and marketing strategist and writer of Tin...
Gotta hand it to Apple. This is the best hardware product I've bought in a long time.
Ian stacked AirPods Pro
I'm interested in creating things.
It's very versatile and easy to use.
Andrew J. Cowell
Andrew J. Cowell stacked AirPods Pro
social media analytics ◉ data science ◉ user experience ◉...
Great sound, amazing ANC, perfect fit and pocket worthy.
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