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AirPods (2nd generation)
Magical airpods than ever.
Josh ConstineEinar Nese JohnsenAnthony Morris
292 people use AirPods (2nd generation). Do you?

People that stacked AirPods (2nd generation)

Einar Nese Johnsen
Einar Nese Johnsen stacked AirPods (2nd generation)
iPhone user📱
Great sound. Pairs easily with my iPhone. It just works.
AarĂłn GarcĂ­a
Aarón García stacked AirPods (2nd generation)
Solving problems so you don't have to • Husband. Dad². UI...
Battery life, no wires.
Donnie Adams
Donnie Adams stacked AirPods (2nd generation)
Programmer, mathematician, educator. And basketball is fu...
They’re great for listening on the go. I seem to have a big problem with the microphones though.
Abhinav stacked AirPods (2nd generation)
Time to build
Seamless connectivity across devices and play/pause works like magic.
Juarez Filho
Juarez Filho stacked AirPods (2nd generation)
UX Designer with strong web development background. Havin...
Perfect and crisp clear sound ✨
RPA Tools
RPA Tools stacked AirPods (2nd generation)
Co-Founder & CEO of RPA Tools!
The best invention since the iPhone itself.
Dhruv stacked AirPods (2nd generation)
playing with products you can see
You'll 10x the amount you can listen to. It becomes so convenient to pick up where you left off that little moments in line or commuting get unlocked for podcasts. Magic.
Zach LaGreca
Zach LaGreca stacked AirPods (2nd generation)
Product @ Ibotta, Co-host @ Product Coffee Podcast
Apple's best product since the iPhone. Simple and easy to use, convenient and unobtrusive. I use them every day.
Indra Ganzorig
Indra Ganzorig stacked AirPods (2nd generation)
Mainly @erxesHQ • Chapter Organizer @WiMLDS & @SilentBook...
I don't get strangled by it.
Arthur Vera
Arthur Vera stacked AirPods (2nd generation)
Freelance journalist specialized in Tech at Presse Citron...
For sport and the street
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