Lightning fast mail client for Mac and iOS
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Carella stacked Airmail
fashion. art. music. venture. Venture Partner / Head of P...
I use this on Mac OS, iOS & iPadOS. I like the way it adapts to each platform. The unified inbox and snoozing emails are features I use 20x a day.
Ryan Ozawa
Ryan Ozawa stacked Airmail
Dad, geek, journalist in paradise. Comms for @HIInformati...
Highly configurable, MacOS and iOS.
Phil stacked Airmail
Digital Change and Service Improvement encourager. Civil ...
Cross platform, clear, just the right bells and whistles.
Joel Bews
Joel Bews stacked Airmail
Curiously optimistic. Lost in a forest.
Ben Yoskovitz
Ben Yoskovitz stacked Airmail
Founding Partner @HighlineBETA. Entrepreneur & investor. ...
Maybe I'm just used to it at this point, but I've found it to be the best email client for me. Unlike most people I like jumping around / context shifting / seeing more in my email than simplified user experiences.
Zach Holman
Zach Holman stacked Airmail
building a thing + angel investing + startup advising
It’s a really straightforward, clean UI, and abstracts a lot of the bad Gmail decisions away. Love having a native desktop client for email.
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