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Antoine Renault
Antoine Renault stacked AeroPress
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So easy to cleanup, great when you only need to do one cup
Vignesh Selvasundar
Vignesh Selvasundar stacked AeroPress
Tech enthusiast
The most versatile coffee-maker I've used. While I prefer using specialised coffee makers for different coffees, aeropress is the only coffee maker that can do everything pretty well. It is also a must-have for me when Im travelling. Simple and easy to get a quick fix of coffee.
Mehdi YacoubiAaron
Moritz stacked AeroPress
nah, I'm alright.
Quick and awesome coffee wherever I am
Sophie Starck
Sophie Starck stacked AeroPress
The best single-serve coffee maker in the world, and my favorite morning ritual.
Mehdi YacoubiNeekunj
Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan stacked AeroPress
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Versatile. Handy. Travel friendly.
dyuie stacked AeroPress
decent coffee maker with no fuss
Mehdi Yacoubi
Mehdi Yacoubi stacked AeroPress
Cheap, perfect coffee, easy to travel with, light-weight, just the best tool for a great cup of coffee.
Ross Varrette
Ross Varrette stacked AeroPress
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It is the best travel coffee brewer out in the wild!
jbroomeMehdi YacoubiAaron
Ashley Giles
Ashley Giles stacked AeroPress
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Perfect at home, at work and when travelling. The best all round coffee maker.
Deepa Arora
Deepa Arora stacked AeroPress
hakuna matada
Pretty great if you make a cup at a time. I've been using as my primary brewing method for the last several years. Replace every 2 years maybe when the seal on the plunger starts to get loose. Using paper filters but think I probably should have switched to the metal one.
jamestoddSurya DantuluriBill Petro
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