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that inverted method tho
Leonardo Sumulong
Leonardo Sumulong stacked AeroPress
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So much has been said about the Aeropress already but for me it's great for making a quick cup of average joe or getting more precise with bespoke coffee when I'm in the mood. Love it bc it doesn't take up a lot of space, travels well, filters are cheap, and it's low maintenance.
Blake Burch
Blake Burch stacked AeroPress
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The only way I make coffee. Consistent flavor and process every time.
Alex Wingert
Alex Wingert stacked AeroPress
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Easy, fast way to make good coffee. The inversion method is my favourite.
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Every. Single. Morning.
Bill Petro
Bill Petro stacked AeroPress
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I was surprised how good it is. No acidic taste.
Josh Todd
Josh Todd stacked AeroPress
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Makes insanely good coffee for an insanely low price.
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Dave Hall
Dave Hall stacked AeroPress
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Good coffee quickly and easy clean
Julio Marquez
Julio Marquez stacked AeroPress
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It is practical, portable and lightweight and does not require electricity. You can easily vary the type of grinding, the quantity and temperature of the water or the time of extraction, leaving a result similar to the Espresso.
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I make useful apps. Wanna go on Mars one day 🚀
Quick and good coffee
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