Aeron Chair
The most comfortable office chair
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Designer Assets
Designer Assets stacked Aeron Chair
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Very comfortable
Sten Tamkivi
Sten Tamkivi stacked Aeron Chair
It is airy and durable.
Philipp Temmel
Philipp Temmel stacked Aeron Chair
Designer @iTranslateApp 🌐 | Book-, Music- and Podcast-Lov...
Finally pulled the trigger on a Herman Miller Aeron Remastered. One of the best investments I did for my Home Office, I could sit on the Aeron for hours, great functions, super comfortable, and great design.
Steve stacked Aeron Chair
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Still going strong after 10 years of service
Jared Gordon
Jared Gordon stacked Aeron Chair
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Most people do not realize they come in different sizes and castor types. Getting the right size is a game changer and aligning the wheel to the floor allows for super easy movement.
Blake Burch
Blake Burch stacked Aeron Chair
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High quality chair for the office that forces good posture. If you can find it discounted, you should pick it up.
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Ahmed Men
Ahmed Men stacked Aeron Chair
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Protect Ya Neck
Alex Bass
Alex Bass stacked Aeron Chair
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Comfortable chair, what I ended up going with after many reviews. Have been traveling the last 5 months and miss it :(
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JesúsAntonio stacked Aeron Chair
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So comfortable, I feel like I'm in the office.
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis stacked Aeron Chair
Lover of technology, books, & this emoji: 😂
This chair is a worthwhile investment. I’m never uncomfortable when I sit in it. It’s well built and looks great as far as office chairs go!
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